Nandi Hills Paragliding

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Nandi Hills Paragliding-The Bird View

#Paragliding in Nandi Hills

Get your own wings and fly high up in the sky as all your ‘bizzare’ childhood dreams come true. Wind rustling through, heavenly weather, glorious view of those majestic hills and picturesque valleys- Nandi hills should be your next stop to lure your adventure loving heart. Away from the hustle and bustle of your dead, dull boring life, fly till your heart skips a beat. Experience paragliding like never before, this beautiful destination with it’s own historical essence makes you feel high as you soar up and up and up!

Come and lose yourself as you float at about 4500 km above sea level with the most splendid view ever. As fascinating as it seems to just go with it, one needs a training of at least two to three days or maybe a week depending on the type of course. A free flying, buoyant glider launched by foot lets you take off with you seated below a fabric wing. Sail across for 10 to 40 minutes and get hangover you can never get rid of, something that makes you come back here over and over again to let go of all the stress and anxiety, the need to get down on the ground vanishes the moment you breakthrough the shackles of life.

Special in Nandi Hills Paragliding: The capture view of the enchanting hills through gopro

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