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Tipu’s Drop

#Sight Seeing in Nandi Hills

During the reign of tipu sultan and in the making of all the antique beautiful places. Tipu’s drop is a beautiful steep cliff lying 600 m above the ground, from amazing weather making you feel free to the breathtaking view of the city and locks of the hill ranges. Tipu’s drop gives you a feeling of infinity with the view beyond everything else and a magnificent temple, Yoga Nandeeshwara temple.

The tipu drop has a different kind of ‘fun’ associated with it. The number of suicides and accidents have an ever growing history here. Starting from when the prisoners were merciless dropped to death to the no of Suicides and accidents till date, this cliff has an aura that makes your jaw drop. A frightening feeling in the air around you definitely leaves a mark with the rustling of leaves and the cold breeze. Nevertheless, the horticulture department now has officials making the hills safer for the numerous tourists for whom nandi hills proves to be an enchanting escape. An ornamental stretch of about 5.5 ft high will be built soon

How is the weather at Tipu’s Drop

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