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Palanpur city is circled by hillocks in the close vicinity of Aravali Mountains. It derives its name from Palani Chauhans who inhabited the city in 14th century. Ambaji is an important temple town with millions of devotees visiting the Ambaji temple every year in banaskantha district.

There is a Kirti Stambh and a Rajmahal, the old palace of the Nawab, now used for govt. offices. Outside Mira Gate, there are two Dargahs, one of the poet Anwar Kazi and the other of Saint Murshid, worshipped by Muslims. An ancient stepwell `Mithi Vav’ is the best-preserved architectural monument with seven galleries on the wall on either side.

The most amazing and adventurous thing to do if u visit palanpur is Sky Diving. It not in palanpur it is in Deesa around 25 kms from palanpur.

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