Why travel Pithoragarh?

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In the the easternmost corner of majestic lands of Uttarakhand, Pithoragarh town of bewitching beauty stands at 1851 meters. Pithoragarh is a gorgeous manifest of nature in midst of the Soar Valley also known as “Little Kashmir’. Apart from magnificent views and delightful weather all year around, its home to one of the major glaciers of Himalayas, the Ralam Glacier.

Pithoragarh is an enticing spot for adventure enthusiasts for trekking. This town lies in the north to the Himalayas and is major attraction for devotees for the pilgrim spots of Kailash and Om Parvat. The Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary is famous for various species of flora and fauna and variety of wildlife. Besides being rich in tradition and culture, Pithoragarh is a tourist hub because of the Mansarovar lake and Pithoragarh fort. The city is widely known for its unique culture and festivals that attract huge tourists.

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