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Pune, located at a distance of 149 km from Mumbai by road is also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Displaying an exemplary Marathi culture rich in indigenous arts and crafts, Pune takes you back to the time of the Maratha Empire established by Shivaji Maharaj in the 18th century. A trip to Pune will make you delve into our glorious past of the city

There are a variety of attractions in Pune which include a visit to the Shanivaar Vada, an ancient fortification and various caves and temples which gives you a glimpse of Maratha culture. The cool temperature of Pune attracts adventure buffs and nature lovers for whom Ramachi and Tapola are eye catching treats. Moreover, if you are in seek of peace and serenity, the hill stations of Mahabaleswar and Panchgani are a welcome retreat. The mouth watering Puran Poli, Pithla Bhakri are few of the traditional cuisine which Pune has to offer.

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