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Brahma Temple-a temple for God of Creation

#Temple in Pushkar

This 2000years old, Brahmaji temple is the only temple in the world dedicated to Jagatpita Brahma. The temple is carved beautifully, the colours and the idol are great to look at. The chaturmukhi (four faced) idol of Lord Brahma is housed in the inner sanctum. Take flowers and prasad from local shops around the temple to offer Lord Brahma. Idols of Shiva, Gayatri, Vishnu and Narad are also present in the temple.

Tip: At times temple is bit crowdy, you should go during afternoon to avoid the rush.
Photography is prohibited inside the temple.

Special in Brahma Temple: A glass of Lassi at local shops outside the temple

How is the weather at Brahma Temple

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