Meditation – Finding Inner Peace

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Meditation – Finding Inner Peace

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Rishikesh is one of the popular destinations for spiritual awakening and tourist who visit here, tend to indulge in yoga and meditation schools or even go for Meditation teacher training. Meditation is a practice to train the mind to know our self spiritually. In Rishikesh, you can find various types of yoga and meditation courses conducted in the Rishikesh meditation and yoga ashrams.

Meditation is being awake inside without being aware of anything except awareness itself. Surrounded by the enormous Himalayan range and the holy river Ganga in Rishikesh, the peace and serenity is immensely present there. Rishikesh is the most suitable place for a meditation holiday and you can indulge in silent meditation, tantra meditation, etc. The best Rishikesh ashrams that you can visit are Patanjali International Yoga Foundation and Anand Prakash Ashram.

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