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Neer Gaddu Falls-Natural swimming pool

#Waterfall in Rishikesh

Neer gaddu waterfall is a famous waterfall for trekking in Rishikesh. It is 9 kms from Rishikesh railway station and can be visited directly from there. Neer gaddu or Neer garh waterfall is famous for small trekking in Rishikesh and is located on Rishikesh–Badrinath Highway. Neer gaddu waterfall location is hidden hence it can be reached by trekking.

It is a natural waterfall, flowing through natural rocky cliffs. The tourists are attracted to this place because of the adventurous trekking which involves walking through the jungle on narrow trails. Neer gaddu is a two tier waterfall with the second main pool bigger than the first one. You get to see variety of butterflies fluttering about which adds to the beauty of the waterfall.

Special in Neer Gaddu Falls: Bathing and swimming for unknown swimmer

How is the weather at Neer Gaddu Falls

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