Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

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Purna Wildlife Sanctuary-Forest with Highest Rainfall

Purna sanctuary is a part of lush green forest in northern parts of Dang which is recorded as the forest with highest average rainfall. It is said that during Mughal period wild bears, sloths bear, rhinoceros etc. used to roam around here. The landscape is completely lush green along with thick forests, interspersed with rivers and small tribal villages leaving visitors absolutely enchanted.

The sanctuary gets its name from the Purna River which flows through it. And nowadays it is also an adobe of leopard, rhesus macaque, bonnet macaque, common mongoose, Indian civan cat, porcupine, four horned antelope and many others with around seven thousand species of plants. This is a great spot for nature and wildlife enthusiasts and as the sunsets the distant voice of brilliant folk music by the tribals and babbling of river Gira and Purna adds on to the ambiance. However to enter inside the Purna sanctuary a special permission is required like any other sanctuary.

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