Why travel Saputara?

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Saputara is reckoned as an affluent resort hill station because of the innumerable opportunities like sightseeing, trekking and boating that it offers. It is a perfect getaway for eco lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and people who love adventure sports. The meaning of Saputara is the habitat of snakes and the tribal of this region worship snakes, especially during Holi.

It is a beautiful hilly region enriched with enormous greenery offering magnificent panorama, tribal culture of a different sort and great trekking opportunities. As the river of light bathes the streams over undulating mountains and the drifting birds, stroll up to the Gandhi Shikhar at the spill of dawn, in winter. Breathe in the rolling hills of Saputara, echoing green hues, lush with flowers, and watch the meditating rain drops, in rains. Walk carefree on the expanse of the Governor’s hill and see the sun dip into the Saputara Lake, in summer.

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