Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

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Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

Deriving its name from the Mahananda River which flows through it, the Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with abundant natural beauty. It is a safe haven for many of the endangered species, including the Royal Bengal Tiger and Gaur. This sanctuary covers about 160 sq km and is located well away from the noisy city.

The Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary is an abode to many species of flora and fauna. Apart from the endangered famous Royal Bengal Tiger, other species like the chittal, pangolin, barking deer, the Himalayan Black Bear and several types of birds can be found here. Like other wildlife sanctuaries, this sanctuary also offers jungle safaris, giving tourists the opportunity to view wildlife from up close in their natural habitat. There are dedicated areas and compartments constructed for the sole purpose of bird watching. This is a must visit destination for anyone within close vicinity of this sanctuary.

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