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Jawahar Park-A place that kids could never resist being at amidst nature’s bounties.

#Picnic spot in Solan

Jawahar park is a simple and relaxing place where one could be at solace. What attracts the kids the most in this green and fresh breathed park are the small fountains, Rides they can enjoy, a small zoo, a baby train to explore the whole area of the garden.
Moreover, you can spot Rabbits hopping around every now and then making cute gestures and being playful. You can take a relaxing walk along the trail or enjoy the scenery on the baby train. The lawns are lavishly planted with colorful flowers and well-grooved plants. The Zoo is the prime attraction of tourists with Deer, various species of Cats, Rabbits, Snakes and various Birds. The place is easily acceding by train and from there you may travel by taxi or you can travel all through by road.

How is the weather at Jawahar Park

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