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Solan Brewery-The one to launch Asia’s first beer- Lion.

Located at an elevation of 6000ft the Solan brewery is one of the oldest in our country. It was established long back before independence by an Englishmen Edward Dyer and then was known as the Dyer Brewery. It has now been converted into a distillery and is under the Mohan Meakin now called the Mohan Meakin brewery.

The brewery is near the Solan railway station and is the world’s highest brewery. Solan No. 1 is the whiskey that was the first and most famous product of the brewery and has maintained its glory by being popular and in demand single malt whiskey till date. Other famous products to try are the Old Monk Rum, Colonels special, Diplomat Deluxe.

How is the weather at Solan Brewery

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