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Boom Range

#Sight Seeing in Tanakpur

Boom range lies on the way to Purnagiri and is extremely popular for its white sand river bank. River Sharada flows by and pilgrims hold deep faith in this river and take a holy dip. Very near to this place is the Boom temple, colloquially called the Aadhya Shakti Peeth, enshrined by Guru Maa.

Religious significance is not all that this destination holds, it also offers adventure such as rafting and camping. So if you are in a dilemma whether to make an adventure trip or a religious pilgrim, this is the right destination for you, as it offers both at a single destination. Boom range is only 25 km away from Purnagiri and about 100km from Champawat. The nearest railway station to Boom range is the Kathgodam railway station, which is at about 46 km. Probably this one of the very few destinations in India which can quench your religious thirst and satiate your adventurous inquisition as well.

Special in Boom Range: Boom range is flooded with pilgrims during the festivals.

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