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Purnagiri Temple-The Heaven of Good Deeds

#Temple in Tanakpur

The Purnagiri Temple is colloquially called the Punyagiri, meaning the mountain of good deeds. A lot of devotees, travel till Thulligarh and from there opt to walk till the temple. If you choose to walk, you’ll have to trek about 3km, before reaching the temple. The trek definitely promises you of a wonderful time amidst dense greenery.

It is placed at a location which is just about 20 kms from the Nepal border. The temple is elevated to a majestic height of 3000 mts above the sea level. There are two mountains that stand erect and proud and between them fows the kaali river. On one of those mountains is situated the popular Purnagiri or Punyagiri temple and on the other mountain is the Baba Siddh Nath temple. The Purnagiri mountain is flooded with shops and Dharamsalas, which provide the devotees a place to stay and complete their pilgrimage with peace and glee. The view of from the top of the Purnagiri is breath-taking, for you can see umpteen Nepali villages and the river streaming at fierce pace. The Valley of Purnagiri is fiendishly crowded during the Navratras of the month of Apil.

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