Camel Ride at Tarkarli Beach

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Camel Ride at Tarkarli Beach-A Ride to Cherish Forever

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Tarkarli beach has a lot to offer to the visitors and Camel ride is one of them. When you are tired of taking strolls on the beach but can’t get enough of it to head home, you can clamber up and take a camel ride that will take you through the sands. You may hesitate initially looking at the grumpy tall camel but the ride will surely be worth cherishing.

As you tighten your grasp on the saddle the camel stands up giving you thrills like a ride in an amusement park. The camel gives walks around the beautiful beach and as the sun sets, you witness the beautiful sight of the sky blushing scarlet with the rays of sun lighting up the waters. The wind caresses your face and you are deeply engrossed adoring the chicanery of nature as the sun submerges into the mighty ocean. After the ride, you take along the beautiful portrait of nature wrapped in your memories with you.

Special in Camel Ride at Tarkarli Beach: Take up the ride at evening to witness the sunset

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