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Siju Caves-The Bat Caves

#Cave in Tura

The Siju Caves, near Tura, is one of the most exciting place for adventurous tourists to explore in Meghalaya. This is one of the longest cave system in India, a large part of the Siju Cave system is still unexplored by man, and has several perplexing passages, similar to that of a maze, but only that these are naturally made.

The Caves houses a remarkable formation of stalactites and stalagmites, made of limestone. The Caves also houses river passages, of the tributaries of the Simsang river, on whose bed the Caves lie. The Siju Caves are also called the Dobakkol or the Cave of Bats, due to the presence of an unusually large number of bats residing in the caves.

Note: For those of you wishing to explore this cave, it is highly recommended that you carry a wearable headlamp/torch and gum boots for exploring the caves.

How is the weather at Siju Caves

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