All photos and gallery from  Vadodara

“Photos, Memories, Collage and Clicks”

Laxmi Vilas Palace – traveldglobe

Sayaji Baug – traveldglobe

EME Temple – traveldglobe

Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery – traveldglobe

Sur Sagar Lake – traveldglobe

Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum – traveldglobe

M S Uni, Arts Faculty by Harshal Purohit +919429242424

Vadodara Central Mall by pranav_ab

Rajmahel Gate by pranav_ab

Inox Multiplex by pranav_ab

Nyay Mandir in the Evening by pranav_ab

Fatehgunj Circle by pranav_ab

IPCL Cricket Ground by pranav_ab

Vadodara Airport by pranav_ab

A Young Hunter by Harshal Purohit +919429242424

Kala Ghoda by Harshal Purohit +919429242424

Museum by Harshal Purohit +919429242424

Sur Sagar in the Evening by pranav_ab

Sterling Centre by Shrung JV

Faculty of Technology & Engineering, MSU by pranav_ab

Kirti Stambh by pranav_ab

Vadodara Junction Railway Station by pranav_ab

Khanderao Market by pranav_ab

Kirti Mandir by pranav_ab

Laxmi Vilas Palace by pranav_ab

Museum by pradeepbp

Photos Collection from Vadodara City

This is the hand picked collection of the best photos amd images of Vadodara. We collected this photos to show you the best views and places to visit at Vadodara. All the photos are at the ownership of respective photographers and all the photographers who clicked these photos gets a special thanks to give you the picture about the beauty of Vadodara. The travel d’globe gallery of Vadodara also include the pictures of hotels in Vadodara and other stay options in Vadodara. Get inspired by these beautiful photos and book the tours of Vadodara for adventure and leisure. The photos also include the places to visit at Vadodara:  

Laxmi Vilas Palace, 
Sayaji Baug, 
EME Temple, 
Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery, 
Sur Sagar Lake, 
Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, 
to create this beautiful collage/gallery of images.

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