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EME Temple-Closure of Science and Faith

#Temple in Vadodara

Eme temple of Vadodara which is run by the Army authorities is made out of aluminium and other alloys. This temple is famous for its concept of incorporating secularism. The Kalash depicts Hinduism whereas the Dome symbolises Islam. The tower represents Christianity whereas the golden structure above the tower stands for Buddhism and the entrance signifies Jainism.

As the full form of Eme states “Electrical and Mechanical Engineering”, the temple was built by the corps of that field from aluminium sheets. The place is open from timing 6:30 am to 8:30 pm with strict entry rules and prohibited photography. Devotees visit this temple to worship Dakshinamurti, an incarnation of Shiva as an ultimate teacher. The temple is equipped with a holistic essence and the garden surrounding it adds up to the serenity. Truly, one should always put up Eme on their itinerary when at Vadodara.

Special in EME Temple: Experience the sculpture art of 7th century to 15th century.

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