Why travel Vagamon?

“3541 feet”

Vagamon is not just any other verdant spot. Of course, you can get grassy hills, velvet lawns and cool mountain air in many other places but not the Vagamon kind; not just this exciting blend of religious mysticism and European legacy.

Like a lot of other beautiful things in life, Vagamon too has to be experienced, not read about or its stories merely listened to. What you’ve got to do is get yourself some means of transport, head straight for Idukki district and then on to Vagamon. Once there, try taking off your shoes, closing your eyes and just listening to Vagamon. And when you’re through with the mystic getting to know session, you could take a trek across the chain of three hills – the Thangal hill, the Murugan hill and the Kurisumala, important for Muslims, Hindus and Christians respectively. And don’t miss the nice, little dairy farm of the Kurisumala monks.

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