Why travel Valley Of Flowers?

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Valley of Flowers National Park is a paradise located in west Himalayas, covered with streams and paddocks and a stunning view of umpteen numbers of waterfalls trimming down the mystic valley. Valley of flowers is a world Heritage Site since 1982 and a must visit place for nature lovers.

Discovered by Frank S. Smith in 1931, Valley of Flowers National Park can be easily reached via Govindghat. The national park is full of millions of species of wild flowers such as daisies, sediam, lilies, poppy, etc., which attracts several species of insects and butterflies. The best time to visit the place is from May to October when the flowers are in full bloom. You are also required to take permission to enter the park from Gangaria which is valid for 3 days. So enjoy your visit and laze around this heavenly abode.

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