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War Memorial

#Monument in Visakhapatnam

Triumph at Sea War Memorial was worked in the year 1996 to celebrate the Victory of Indian Navy’s Eastern Naval Command (ENC) in the 1971 War with Pakistan and to pay tribute to all Indian war saints. It is situated close Ramakrishna Beach close to the Submarine Museum and comprises of a tri-benefit portrayal of ancient rarities on the seafront.

‘The country that overlooks her protectors needs no predecessors’ is engraved on the focal tower’s base.A T-55 tank symbolizing the land segment and a military aircraft typifying the power in air are shown here. Other famous displays are the P-21 Surface to Surface rockets that wreaked devastation at the Karachi harbor on 4 Dec, 1971 and the RZ-61 Surface to Air rockets that aided the cutting edge fight ships. There is no extra charge and photography is not permitted inside.

How is the weather at War Memorial

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