Paragliding in Yelagiri

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Paragliding in Yelagiri

#Paragliding in Yelagiri

A perfect destination to break the shackles of monotony is Yelagiri, where you can bring out the adventurer in you and fly high in the skies. It is one of the adventurous hill stations allowing you to take a ride in the clouds and get enthralled by the experience. Paragliding lures enthusiasts to Yelagiri to discover the magic of the surroundings.

The southside flying destination offers two paragliding packages – tandem paragliding to unleash the beast in you with an experienced pilot to guide you. There are also paragliding courses available for beginners to try their hand at something new. This is the perfect chance to catch amazing views of nature’s pristine beauty below and the aesthetic clouds around you. The place calls out to all the adventurers out there to come try the thrilling and exciting roller coaster ride in the sky.

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