Bird watching paradise of India

Best crafted Bird watching paradise of India

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Bird watching paradise of India

Birdwatching, a recreational activity, is a form of wildlife observation and whats better place to do birdwatching than India. Winter months are ideal for spotting birds in India. India, a home to a lot of rare and enchanting species, the following is a list of places that provide kaleidoscopic sights of the feathered beauties. Birds found in India includes Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Indian Pitta, Indian Peafowl, Kingfisher, Sarus Crane, Tragopan, Himalayan Monal, Little Cormorant, Common Myna.

Siju Bird Sanctuary at travel d'globe

Siju Bird Sanctuary

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Time Needed: 3 hours

Close by on the other side of Simsang River is the Siju bird sanctuary, a home for many rare and protected birds and other wildlife. The Siberian ducks also migrated here during the winter months. The lesser or Grey Hornbill is also seen around Siju. One interesting and rare bird is the Peacock Pheasant seen in Siju. Although you can visit any time in the year, November to March is the ideal time to visit Siju Bird Sanctuary where you can come across with many birds migrating from foreign regions.

Bird Watching at travel d'globe

Bird Watching

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Time Needed: 4 hours

Apart from a large variety of wild animals, Sariska also offers you a rich variety of birds, resident as well as migratory. Golden-backed woodpecker, tree pie, peafowl, crested serpent eagle, sand grouse, the great Indian horned owl, grey partridge, and bush quail, are some of the species that you can easily spot inside the national park.

Bird Watching at Singalila National Park at travel d'globe

Bird Watching at Singalila National Park

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Time Needed: 1 hours

Singalila National Park is enriched in biodiversity, especially a paradise for bird watchers. The avifauna is a rare blend of Himalayan and Indo-Burmese forms, growing in the hilly terrains interspersed with sinuous streams of water. The ecosystem here is indeed unique, boasting of a collection of birds and mammals, hard to find elsewhere in India. The bird trail extends from Maneybhanjan to Sandakphu. The reserved forest consists of around 200 recorded species. Blood Pheasants, Fulvous Parrotbills, Satyr Tragopans- they all turn up to enthral the eager tourists. The rhododendron forest is home to Fire-tailed Myzornis and Golden-breasted Fulvettas. Accommodation is provided by the Govt Tourist Lodge and Trekkers Huts. The ideal time for witnessing the flock of glorious birds is November-March. No entry fee is required. Tourists planning to visit this delightful dwelling of birds should keep a few days in hand in case the rains play spoilsport. Hurry, the birds are calling out!

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary at travel d'globe

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

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Time Needed: 4 hours

A favoured haunt of migratory birds located on the banks of the Vembanad Lake is the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary A visit to the sanctuary set within the wooden forests enlightens you with a variety of flora and fauna. The main residents of the reserve are the native birds like waterfowl, egret, heron and the water duck – the most popular among others. The best experience of the ornithologist’s paradise can be best enjoyed on a cruise around the park. You can go on rides in motorboats and houseboats. This piece of island is home to many endemic birds and you can get enthralled by the flocks of migrating birds such as the kingfisher in vibrant colours and golden backed woodpeckers. You will watch in awe as the birds here perform their own style of gymnastics. It is the perfect place for bird enthusiasts to quench their thirst for avian species.

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