The Incredible India

The most diverse land in the world, India offers a different aspect of her personality to each traveller, who comes here to meet this super land. It is exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic and eternal.

The distributed geography and diverse culture makes it unique experience for travellers. It has the high Himalayas in the North and the deep Indian Ocean in the South; Scorching desert in the West and the wettest place in the East. The food, language and people keep changing as you move on to its geography.

Creator of Humanity

This ancient land has what you need, whatever it is, adventure, self discovery, romance, family entertainment or even just a sun tan. No book, poem or photo can illustrate her completely. It's here that all the aspects of human consciousness meet, all the emotions love, hatred, anger, the religion, the science and superstition. They melt into one and it's called a way of life, end up making this country the 'Creator of Humanity'.

Icon of India

The most iconic image of India comes with Taj Mahal, another man made marvel of the country. The Taj is a monument of such incredible elegance that it is considered synonymous with beauty itself.

For the travellers

The learning here are immense, such as food, festivals, music or languages. Travellers witness a edge of spirituality at many parts of India, primarily because Indian ethics guides humans in the search of peace.

Preserving the ancient marks, India offers this huge heritage of its thousands of years old glorious history. From the Ajanta & Ellora cave sculptures to the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, a traveller could spot hundreds of man-made marvels here.