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Located few kilometres north of Dharamshala town, McLeodganj is where India meets Tibet. The place is a perfect blend of Tibetan culture with British-Indian. Starting point of many treks near Mcleodganj, makes it a perfect tourist destination. Best time to visit McLeodganj is between September to June.

Home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the town resides the monastery of Namgyal and Tsuglagkhang. McLeodganj comprises the fascinating sightseeing of Dhauladhar range and Kangra Valley. Trek to Triund, Indrahar, Kareri Lake, Dal Lake and BhagsuNag, all mountain adventure start from Mcleodganj. Tibetan handicrafts including carpets, Thangka, wooden masks, baubles etc. also attracts tourists. You can take courses in Buddhism, meditation and Yoga. Enjoy the low budget cafes and restaurant dishing Indo-Israeli-Tibetan cuisine.

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It is hot spot for adventure tourism with trekking trails, camping hills and paragliding take offs.

The suburbs at Dharamshala and paradise for backpacking. Mcleodganj is among the places to visit in Dharamshala. It is a destination loved by the travellers. The tourist attractions of Mcleodganj is long list, it has things to match every interest of the travellers. The narrow street and lanes hides a lot to explore for a path finder. The waterfalls, lush greenery and majestic landscapes are the delight for any nature lovers. Mcleodganj is also known for the best Tibetan food in the country, it has many cafes that you like to try out while having those great views out of window.

The most exotic among all the things to do at Mcleodganj is trekking to Triund Hill. A trekking trail ideally set for beginner trekker, it has some crazy edges that you would love cross over, the small tea stalls just rejuvenate you to climb high up the hill. At the top of the hill. camping near Dauladhar range does have all the excitement. The bonfire, mountain packed food and instant noodles, add up to your enjoyment. The best views of sunset and sunrise is some you can't miss out.

Alike Triund, there are many other places to see in Mcleodganj, that are less adventurous, but equally exciting, the huge waterfalls, Bhagsu right after the Bhagsu Nag Shiva temple. You will also find the most famous Shiva Cafe near Bhagsu falls. Tsuglagkhang complex is the place where the Dalai Lama resides, is the most spiritual place to visit in Mcleodganj, you would experience the silence and peace in the complex.

The streets of Mcleodganj is equal riched with excitement and tibetan culture. You will find antiques shops on both the sides of the road. There are Tibetan cafes, where you can try out your favorite tibetan momos, noodles and desserts.

3 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Leave your hotel in Mcleodganj for the local tour after some rest and relaxation. Take up the monastery tour in Mcleodganj, visit the famous Tibetan monasteries in McleodGanj- Namgyal and Tsuglagkhang monastery.

Day 2: The top most attraction in Mcleodganj is the Triund hill. Gear up to trek to the top of the hill. Enjoy the rocky trails of the famous Triund trek. Enjoy the Camping experience on Triund Hill and stay overnight at Triund.

Day 3: Leave for Bhagsunag after breakfast. A short trek to BhagsuNag fall and temple is a must do in McleodGanj. Afterwards, head to Shiva Cafe, enjoy some delicious meals along with the beautiful landscapes of the great Dhauladhar ranges. Do not miss the scrumptious brownies and pies from the local confectionery. 

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