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Looking for the most thrilling water sport of all, Then Rishikesh is a perfect place to plan your next trip. Rafting in the Ganges is a experience which can't be explained in words you can only feel the adrenaline rush by indulging yourself in this adventurous activity.

The river alongside is considered to be one of the holiest of all river in India and the city is renowned as a center for practicing yoga and meditation. Apart from River Rafting, Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is the best in India.

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The holy city on the holy banks of Ganga. This is the first city where Ganga hits the plains and turns the places into a center of spirituality. It is mainly known for Yoga, Meditation and its sacred & historic temples. However, for the young travelers Rishikesh is not only a top religious place in India, but also one of the biggest Adventure Destination in IndiaThe Ganges is the focal point of Rishikesh. 

On one side there many spiritual places to visit in Rishikesh. The holy Ganges showers blessing to its devotees. The old Hindu temples and ashram offer great places to worship the Gods and Saints, meditate for the peace and of course the Ashtanga Yoga

The other side of Rishikesh is offering an up close and personal experience of Ganga. You can swim or bathe in the river, or go rafting. Rafting trip is a thrilling adventure, they run constantly each day from sunrise to sunset and vary in length and grade. You can either book just the rafting, or a combination of rafting and hiking, rock climbing or rappelling. All time favorite adventure, Bungee Jumping is also attracting many adventure junkies to India's favorite adventure place.

Camping near Ganga is just another one of the lifetime experiences. The sweet and calm breeze in the evening will make you the extreme freshness of the air. Most camps are set up near the banks or they call it beaches, there you can enjoy beach sports and a bonfire at night will make a memorable night experience.

For the peace seekers, Ganga has a stretch of rocky beach just north of Ram Jhula. In case you do not like to be wet, you can enjoy the place with a beautiful evening sitting on the rocks, dipping my feet in the river and reading a book until sunset. 

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