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As you are looking for the best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs, it can be difficult for you to find a perfect product. Because there are so many options in the market right now. It can be confusing to choose the right one. Throughout this article, we will be discussing about some of the best youth life jackets.

Here’s a list of the best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs 

  • O ‘Neill Superlite
  • Stearns Youth
  • Airhead Kwik
  • Sterns kids
  • Stohlquist fit
  • Sportsstuff
  • O ‘Neill men’s
  • Stearns Adult’s
  • Airhead Trend 
Best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs

Please bear in mind that in the list of youth life jackets 90 120 lbs, we will be including our top ten picks that are currently available in the market. If you already know that some brand has the most reputation and you do not see that product in today’s list, it means that the product in the list of best youth life jacket is not available in the market right now. 

We always work and hope to bring you the products that are currently available and ready for purchasing. In some cases, when we find that some of the products in the youth swim vest category has a really high potential of being selected but it is yet to come in the market, we still include the product and later on mention that the product is yet to come. 

Before starting the article of the best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs, let me give you a quick tour of this article. After discussing all of the products and they are specifications, there will be a dedicated buyers guide for the beginners. So that, even if you don’t have any idea, you will still be able to find the perfect product for yourself. We will be also including our best picks for thin life jacket, type one life jacket and youth life vest as well. 

 1. STOHLQUIST fit youth 90 L BS high mobility personal flotation device life jacket vest- Coast Guard approved for kids, lightweight, fully adjustable for children and juniors 

Details of the product 

  • Suitable for providing flotation worth of 90 lbs 
  • Approved by local Coast guards 
  • Fully adjustable for children and juniors 
  • High flotation lifejacket fest 
  • One of the best type one life jackets in the youth category 
  • $19.99 price tag 

It is one of the best life jacket for teenagers.

Don’t get disappointed by looking at the word “children” in the first sentence. Even though it is rated for children, this lifejacket comes along with fully adjustable straps and adjustable buckles so that anyone can use it. Yes, anyone that is a little large in size might not be able to use this product. 

But on a regular basis, this product is almost suitable for everyone. As you are looking for best youth life jackets, it can be easily selected as one of the top products of today’s list. 

This life jacket is quite lightweight and thin in size. Which makes it one of the best picks in the thin life jacket category as well. Now, let’s dive deep into the details of the product itself. 

The product ensures the main essentials of comfort and safety at the same time. Which means lightweight and skin friendly material as well as reinforced straps so that you have the comfort and the safety at the same time.

The material is super soft and low profile buoyancy foam for maximum comfort just to ensure the maximum comfort as well as safety, the foam is made out of composite polythene  fiber, which makes sure that the user is comfortable at all time. 

As well as giving safety straps, this product is also equipped with a fully reinforced high quality metal zipper. So that you can take on and off the live jacket without any type of hassle and wasting no time. That is why it is always considered as one of the best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs

Positive Sides Of The Product Negative Sides Of The Product 
Suitable for children of any age comparatively higher in price 
Best suitable for regular and harsh water usage 
Extreme safety for severe conditions 
Fully adjustable straps 
Extremely lightweight and high safety protocols 

 2. O’Neill youth superlite USCG lifefest, Pacific/ smoke/ black: yellow 

If you want something more in the “premium category, then this is your product. This product is not manufactured in the United states but mainly imported.

But that doesn’t mean that the quality is less in any sector. This product is used as the demonstration classes in the Coast Guard academies and coastal safety protocols.

Which means that the safety and the quality of the life vest is already up to the mark. 

It is always considered as one of the more premium and best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs

If you are looking for something that has the capability of providing a professional performance, then this is your go to solution. With a price tag of $38.44, this product has more than 260 positive ratings on Amazon marketplace with a 4.6 stars on average. 

The product features some extremely well designed and high quality systematic approaches for providing maximum comfort and safety for the user itself. The product is made with fully automated services and digital cutting systems. The lightweight polyethylene foam with high performance flotation capability is meshed along with the external fiber material. So that the overall flotation stays the same yet the weight stays less. 

The heavy duty 1 inch wide belts with high quality reinforced stitches and 5 kilonewton shock absorbent capability makes sure that the user is never stripped off the safety. EUS Coast Guard rated this product for up to the maximum of 90 lbs of flotation. It is probably recommended for people with the chest size of 24 to 26 inches. 

Positive Sides Of The Product Negative Sides Of The Product 
Lightweight The material over the chest might seem a bit too tight
High quality nylon material 
Long lasting 
Ultra protection
Reinforced straps 
Coast Guard approved 
Suitable for chest size of up to 26 inches 

3. Stearns youth boating vest 

As you are looking for the best youth life vest, this product is one of the products that are mostly used by everyone. Whenever you browse in the market for best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs.

Probably, you are going to see this product at least a couple of times. That is because this is the most commonly used product in the whole market ever. 

That doesn’t make the product any less of the capability that it is producing for the users. With a price tag of $22.99, it is one of the common products with the highest usability and practical aspects. 

The sterns company has been making life jackets for more than two decades now. And in the United states alone, this product has a retail ratio of up to 3 million products in the summer season. By this rating, you might be able to understand the exact popularity and the trust that the brand has. 

The product has been approved by the Coast Guard as a youth life jacket it is rated for chest size up to 26 Or 27 inches depending on the body ratio of the person wearing the lifejacket. 

 The life jacket is manufactured with really lightweight floatation foam made with nylon construction and open sided design. The three additional adjustable buckles make sure that the user has a secure and comfortable fit. Sometimes, there are different and multiple straps provided in life jackets.

But many of the youth life vest products don’t to provide differential adjustment for each of the straps. It’s like you have to adjust three of the straps within the same radius. 

But that actually hampers with the usability of the product itself. This product is different from that. With two different color variations, this product gives you a differential adjustment of the buckles as well. 

Which means that doesn’t matter what size or what ratio of your body is in, the product will still be able to give you the most comfortable and perfect fit at all times. 

Positive Sides Of The Product Negative Sides Of The Product 
Easy to use Not suitable for professional usage 
LightweightNot suitable for harsh waters 
Best in budget
High performance 
Trusted brand 

4. Airhead wicked Kwik dry NEOLITE flex life jacket 

Looking for some fashionable products in the category of youth life jackets 90 120 lbs? Then you have come to the right place. But, the fashion also comes with a price.

So, before actually discussing the product, let me remind you that this product is comparatively higher in price from the rest. 

With a starting price tag of $43 and maximum price tag of $147, it is one of the most loved products in the market of professional life vests and also sporting life vests. 

For someone who is looking for USCG youth life jacket, it is one of the best products that you can ever get. 

With more than 950 positive ratings on Amazon, this product comes in five different sizes and three different color variations. It is equipped with both zippers and adjustable buckles as well as an additional flotation device at the back of the live fest. 

That is just for ensuring extra flotation and proper balance in any type of harsh water condition. If you are looking for professional youth life jackets, then this can be your go to solution at all time. You can easily get this as one of the best life jackets for teens

Using on the social media, you might see that one cool dude is riding on a jet ski with a really eye catching live West. Yes, this is one of those products. As you are looking for best life jackets 90 120 lbs, it is one of the best products that you can ever get. Without wasting any more time, let’s look at the specifications and build quality of the product itself. 

Specifications of the product  Negative sides of the product 
Suitable for teenagers and adults Getting this product far and everyday usage would be totally overkill 
Zipper closure 
2 adjustable belts 
USCG approved type 3 
Constructed with high quality nylon fiber material 
Easy to use installation and size chart  included 

5. Stearns kids Life vest, youth hydro clean life jacket, 50 to 90 lbs 

In the category of youth life jackets 90 120 lbs, if you are looking for only one product to purchase and you want it to be the end of all of your problems, then this is the item that you go for.

This product has two different color and size variations. The smaller size costs $39.80, whereas the bigger size costs $45.32. The overall weight of the item is near about 800 grams.

Which makes this product as one of the most lightweight products of today’s list. 

The product comes along with a reinforced zipper closure system with two different adjustable straps. You might be thinking that instead of having three straps, two straps might be a little bit hard to adjust. But that is not right at all. Due to the overall placement of the straps and the overall design of the life vest itself, you will have absolutely no difficulties in terms of adjusting the live jacket to your comfort. 

Positive sides of the product  Negative sides of the product 
Suitable for children and adults Not suitable for skinny adults with big breasts 
High quality safety 
Extremely lightweight and ultra flotation 
Adjustable zipper with secure fit

6. STOHLQUIST fit youth/ adult personal flotation device/ live jacket fest- Coast Guard approved [75- 125 lbs] 

The first five products of today’s list were mainly discussing about youth life jackets of 90 lbs. But as the title of this article suggests, we are giving you the best life jackets from the range of  90 to 120 lbs.

With that being said, if you are looking one of the best life jacket for 120 lbs, then this is the best product that you can get. 

And exactly similar looking product has already been included in this list. So, by looking at the image or looking at the name of the product, you might get confused that why have we included the same product twice in the same article? 

But the products are not the same. If you look at the weight capability and the weight capacity of the product, you will realize that the first one was a comparatively smaller one. 

With a price tag of $19.99, this product has won the award of Amazon choice with more than 1200 positive ratings on the Amazon marketplace. 

Positive sides of the product  Negative sides of the product 
Lightweight No color variation apart from the prefixed 1 
Coast Guard approved 
High ratio of buoyancy 
Fully adjustable straps 
Red and Gray color available 

7. Sports stuff stars and stripes life jacket, child, youth and adult 

What about you are getting out in the water in some of the national events? In that case, you’re going to be needing one of the best junior life jackets 90 120 lbs.

But how about getting a little bit theme along with it? This product is included with the stripes and stars with proper American feel. So that you can be an all out American in the event of national appearance. 

With a price tag of $19.99 for children and  a maximum price range of $23.49 for the Super large size, this product is one of the most budget efficient product in today’s list. 

If you are worrying about the quality and the safety of the product as this is a budget friendly one, then you don’t need to worry at all. 

This product is also certified from USCG for performance up to 120 lbs of weight of a person. 

 This product is made with open sided manner and three differential adjustable straps and buckles. Unfortunately, this product does not come along with a emergency zipper

Positive sides of the product  Negative sides of the product 
Adjustable bucklesNo zippers included
High quality 
USCG approved 
Best youth life jacket 90 120 lbs in budget 

8. O’Neill Men’s superlight USCG life vest, black/ smoke/ white, small 

Looking for something in the high performance category, then this is one of the best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs. As far as performance goes, it is the highest performing life jacket in today’s list.

Some of the products might have been already certified for professional usage. But even the professional life jackets are not up to the mark of this one.

As far the price tag suggests, it will cost you near about $45. 

With more than 220 ratings on Amazon marketplace, this product has more sales over the offline markets rather than the online. If you have ever been to a jet ski training instruction or workshop kind of situation, you have probably seen one of these life jackets worn by your instructor. 

With four different adjustable differential straps and buckles, this life jacket provides one of the best securities and higher flotation rate. 

It is approved by the United states Coast Guard for a personal flotation device of type 3. 

The device is also made and designed with the thought keep in mind that the person would not slip out of the life jacket at any cost unless the person takes the life jacket off from his body voluntarily. 

Positive sides of the product  Negative sides of the product  
Extremely high performance No color variation 
4 adjustable straps Comparatively costly 
Higher flotation ratio 
Matte black color 

9. Stearns adult water sport classic series West 

As we are looking for best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs, we are mainly looking at the products that are comparatively small in size. But what if a person is a little lightweight but still his body is not capable of fitting a small life jacket? 

For that, we are presenting you with this product. As people with a lower BMI rate will have a difficult time adjusting with a Standard Life jacket, this life jacket is provided with four different straps and adjustable buckles.

Not to mention the additional metal zipper that is also included along with the product. 

With a price tag of $29.99, this product sets at one of the best selling products with 2100 reviews with 4.5 stars on average. 

If you are looking for a product with the flotation ratio of 90 to 120 lbs of weight and still in the smaller to medium class, then this is the perfect product for your problem.  

Positive sides of the product  Negative sides of the product 
Suitable for adults Only two color variation 
Adjustable straps 
4 straps 
Easy to use and easy to get off 

10. Airhead trend life Vest youth, Men’s and women’s sizes available in pink or blue 

 We always save the last one for the best. As this position is mainly the product that you would end this article with, we want this to be something special.

As far as the best selling and the popularity goes, this is literally the best youth life jackets 90 120 lbs off today’s list full stop airhead has been in the market for near about 3 decades

Now full stop from professional to personnel comma from regular pool usage to kayaking activities all sorts of life jackets are from off today’s list.

Airhead has been in the market for near about three decades now. From professional to personnel, from regular pool usage to kayaking activities all sorts of life jackets are from this company. 

Whenever you are browsing for best youth life jacket, it is possible that you are going to see at least two or three products in every ten in the market doesn’t matter if it is online or offline. 

With more than 3700 positive ratings with 4.5 stars on average on Amazon marketplace, it is the number one Amazon choice product in this category. 

Positive sides of the product  Negative sides of the product 
Lightweight Might be difficult for women to get in 
High quality straps and buckles 
Extra flotation ratio 
Based for teenagers 


What is the best life jacket for teens 

 Air trend life jacket is the best life jacket for teenagers. As teenagers have a constantly growing body, the errant life jackets are equipped with four adjustable straps. Which makes sure that you can constantly change the fitting and the size of the life vest. This makes sure that a teenager person is able to use this lifejacket for constantly a longer amount of time considering the constant change of body. 

What does 90 on a life jacket 

The word “90” on a life jacket basically means the amount of weight that it is capable of keeping 100% upload. It doesn’t mean that person that weight more than 90 lbs cannot fit into the life jacket. It just means that the person will have comparatively less flotation ratio. 

How should you size a life jacket for a child? 

Children need comparatively softer and higher ratio of flotation in their personal flotation device. Get something that has a higher flotation ratio and adjustable straps with extra reinforcements. 

What is the best life jacket for a child? 

Sports stuff is the best life jacket for a child. 


In this article, we discussed about the best life jacket for 90 120 lbs. As for all of the products in today’s article, they are provided to you because of their performance, reputation and how much people have rated positively on the marketplace. If you need any further recommendation about any other product or if you have any questions Then you can reach us directly with the contact information given at the bottom of this page or leave a comment about your question. We will be more than happy to help you out. Also Follow Our Website For more Update About Life jacket.

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