How often should the inflator on a type V life jacket be checked?




You need to check the inflator on a type V life jacket around every two months. As per the usage, the basic timeline may vary a bit. But not that much. In this article, we will be discussing about how often should the inflator on a type V life jacket be checked. 

Lifejacket is one of the most essential equipment for water safety. in most cases, despite of the fact that the person is an expert swimmer, still, additional safety is always recommended.

Because rough waters can never be predicted. And for that, it is important for us that we take proper precautions.

How often should the inflator on a type V life jacket be checked

We will be discussing several factors about how often should the inflator on a type V lifejacket be checked

What is a type V PFD 

Type V or type 5 PFDs are a category of life jacket that provide around 15 to 22 pounds of buoyancy. These type of life jackets are best for camping and wildlife water-related activities. Events in which you get in a kayak or swimming or even near the beach, these are the best that you can get.

n many situations, these life jackets are considered as one of the best rescue life jackets of all time. Now, you might be thinking that why people don’t use only this all the time? The reason is simple. This is a type on the more professional league. And the other regular items also provide enough safety.

And a type V life jacket is also suitable for most of the professional and rescue purposes. For a regular safety check and usage, the regular products are pretty much enough. 

What is an inflator on a type V lifejacket 

There are several types of life jackets in the market. An inflator is basically the device through which the lifejacket is filled with air and made floatable. Among the types of life jackets, there are several differences in material, performance, types. 

This might also clear the confusion about how often should the inflator on a type V lifejacket be checked. 

In many cases, the inflatable life jacket is the most recommended. Because it gives the highest buoyancy rate. The inflator works in two categories. The first one is the instant one. In which the inflator is basically activated by pulling a string and the whole life jacket is filled with air in less than a second.

The second type is the manual one. In this type of life jacket you basically get a straw to blow into. You just use your mouth to blow the lifejacket just like a regular balloon. This is mostly recommended for camping and planned trips. But for sudden emergencies, instant one is recommended.

Is type V better than regular PFD? 

For certain situations and emergencies, type V life jacket is better than the PFD life jacket. The later one is usually the one that you blow through your mouth.

This means that in certain situations, it might be problematic. This might clear your confusion regarding pfd type V. 

About how often should the inflator on a type 5 PFD be checked, you need to check the inflator about every two months.

Because due to the performance and also the weather damage, the inflator Might have some problems with it.

And in certain situations or any type of accident, a small mistake can cause a person’s life. 

Type V PFDs are one of the most recommended products in life jackets. It gives you the best safety in comparison with all the others. But due to strict packing of a camping trip, you might have a limited choice in this case. If you are looking for best life jacket for women or best life jacket for camping, you should of course try type V PFD.

How long should you use a Type V PFD for 

Probably around 7-10 years. Not more than that. But this timeline is only for standard usage. Like, if you don’t need to bring in the heavy guns for sudden rescue ops, then this is okay.

But if you are a life guard on a beach or a safety personnel that has a safety dog and you are looking for a life jacket for dogs, then the timeline can reduce around 5 years and so. 

The time period for an expiration date is usually mentioned on the packaging of the life jacket but it doesn’t mean that you should rely on that expiry date totally.

The usage and the type of climate that you live in, plays a vital role in it so if you want universal answer in this matter, the answer is probably around five to six years. 

How often should a type V lifejacket be checked 

In any cases, for the safety of all of the parts, at least once in every two months is recommended. Many people ask that how often should a type V lifejacket be checked.

But the true nature of the schedule for the checking relies on the usage and the climate in most of the tropical country, where material damage is more imminent, it should be at least twice and every three months or four months. 


This article was about how often should the inflator on a type V life jacket be checked. In most of the cases, the time period is around once in every two months. the same principle goes for almost all of the products in the PFD type V category. 

If you need any more information about lifejackets and water safety equipment, feel free to check the rest of the articles on our website. You can also leave a comment down below for any recommendations or questions that you might need to know directly from us.

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