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For the travellers who are the pathfinder who uncovers hidden gems and presents them to the world, it is becoming exceedingly tough to find a really pristine location.

New Delhi is the capital of India and lies in the Northern plains. The Himalayas are very much accessible from here, with a great road network. This makes Delhi close many hill stations. Most hill stations are known to Delhites and serve the weekend getaway for them. 

In the huge Himalayan range there are other hill stations that are less known and unexplored or are the hidden jewels. Here we selected the Top 10 hidden hill stations for your next trip.

1. Bhimtal – Beauty by the Lakes

Untouched natural habitat, blessed with great lakes such as Sattal and jungle beauty. Bhimtal has many temples and peaks. Apart from those it serves the mixture of adventure and leisure by hosting the jungle camps.

The zero network camping is the most exciting thing to do here. Having the bonfire and food, when your camps in are in wood, it is the fund travellers search for. Besides camp the hosts also organise the water sports such as Kayaking and River crossing.  With your camps near the jungle, you could follow the small trails that gives you view of the jungle and some rare bird watching.

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Distance from New Delhi : 230 km

2. Karsog – The Green Treat of Himalayas

This is a fertile piece of land in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The small town looks all green during spring or monsoon. It does not have those great waterfalls or peaks, nevertheless the beautiful landscape of terrace farming makes it a treat any traveller’s view.

The natural surroundings of Karsog are regarded as beautiful, with green forests and a pollution-free environment. The small villages and their age-old architecture give expression to the phrase ‘Picture Perfect’. Legends and folklore abound, and every one of the temples is a repository of local culture and an example of remarkable building skills that you will be able to see here.

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Distance from New Delhi : 450 kms

3. Kharapathar – Time standing still

One of the heavenly places in the land of gods and goddess(Himachal Pradesh) is Kharapathar that derives its name from a huge egg shaped rock towering 8770-foot above the sea level. It is a gem of hill station with its natural beauty and picturesque landscape, Kharapathar has lush green slopes together with apple orchards that fill the air with fragrance make tourists go mad in this electric atmosphere.

The best part is that is in the main apple belt of Himachal Pradesh. So, you would find many apple orchard and some rare variety of apples.

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Distance from New Delhi : 425 kms

4. Daranghati – Home of Himalayan Animals

This is a wildlife sanctuary in the mid Himalayan range. It lies at the northern (Manglad Gad) and southern (Nogli Gad) sides of the Dhauladhar mountain range in the valley where tributaries meet the Sutlej River.

Boasting of lush green valleys, soaring peaks and gushing rivers, Daranghati sanctuary is a must-visit for anyone planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh. There are several inspection and birdie paths that visitors can tread along to explore its varied wildlife. 

The area around the sanctuary is dotted by a number of wooden temples that Himachal Pradesh is famous for.

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Distance from New Delhi : 530 kms

5. Barot – Hidden Treasure of Himalayas

The tranquil village in Himalayas. It is commonly called as Picnic spot where the route passes through thick cedar forests. Barot is actually quite popular among backpackers + trekkers too and also forms the base for Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which lies across the Uhl River where you can spot black bears, monal or ghorals.

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Distance from New Delhi : 515 kms

6. Kanatal – The Dream Destination

Nestled amid snow capped Himalayan Mountain ranges and lush green pine forests, Kanatal is your perfect mountain hideaway. Carpeted with snow most of the year, Kanatal is a little mountain hamlet in Uttarakhand. From picture postcard mountain vistas to creature comforts for your urban soul, it has resorts that will make your outing to the hills a perfect little vacation for you and your family.

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Distance from New Delhi : 315 kms

7. Almora – Panorama of the Himalayas

Breeze of cool air caresses cheeks and ruffles hair sending waves of chill even in a summer day of Almora. Carpet of green grass covering the slopes of hilly terrain are perfect invitation a visitor from plains might expect, escaping the heat known for deep tan in Indians.

The sound emanated by the temple bells and positive vibes coming from hymns chanted there is one attraction. Others include greenery extended by Nature in forests and peaks. You will find some colonial-era buildings, reliable trekking outfits and a couple of community-based weaving enterprises.

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Distance from New Delhi : 365 kms

8. Narkanda – The Hatu peak

Located next to Shimla, between the valleys of rivers Sutlej and Giri in Himachal Pradesh, Narkanda, at 8100 ft, connects to Thanedar the main apple belt of Himachal and is popularly known as the ‘Gateway to Apple Country’. Famous for its skiing, angling and other winter sport facilities, its scenic views of snow clad mountains, Narkanda is the ideal hill station away from the rush of the cities.

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Distance from New Delhi : 420 kms

9. Auli – The Abode of Snow

Auli is known for its enthralling ski resorts and natural surroundings. Encircled by snow-covered peaks of the great Himalayas, this hilly land boasts captivating scenes of oak-fringed slopes and intriguing dense coniferous forests. Other than these snow-white miracles, the way through the slopes provide wonderful views of stunning apple orchards and fine deodar trees making for a perfect day. 

It is a “Bugyal” which means meadow in the regional language, these green Bugyals turn into a sheet of white during winters. Auli is often compared with best ski resorts of the world by the foreigners and has also hosted the First SAF Winter Games in the year 2011.

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Distance from New Delhi : 510 kms

10. Champawat – Intrinsic Natural Beauty

A destination with boasting historical significance, nature thunders, pilgrimage sites and various outdoor activities. The little quaint of Champawat has the history as the capital city of Chand Rulers and preserves ancient fortress of centuries ago.

Besides its historical importance and rich culture, Champawat is a beautiful town with breathtaking landscapes and terraced fields, which cover the valley. A river snakes past these landscapes and fields forming a beautiful picture. Champawat offers the travellers with virtually everything they expect from nature, ranging from pleasant climate to varied wildlife and good places to trek.  Lofty Himalayan Peaks offers heart-touching views and plenty of things to do.

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Distance from New Delhi : 440 kms

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