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Maharashtra is a Midwestern state in India and is home to popular cities like Mumbai and Pune. Super famous for its Bollywood touch and tremendously rich heritage, it is said to have the most lip-smacking and delicious food as well. Maharashtra cuisine has a huge variety of dishes ranging from extremely spicy to mildly spicy. The staple food of Maharashtra includes rice, wheat, jowar, bajra, fruits and lentils.

When in Maharashtra, you need to have a list of foods prepared because you just cannot miss out on some of the special dishes you can only find there. So, here is a list of 20 drool-worthy dishes that you cannot miss while in Maharashtra

1. Puran Poli

It is one probably one of the most famous Maharashtrian dishes. It is essentially a sweet flat bread stuffed with lentil fillings made from chana dal and jaggery. The name itself justifies the dish, puran refers to the filling and poli is the bread. Extremely famous during Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra.

2. Ukdiche Modak

Again, extremely famous during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival Ukdiche Modak or steamed modak are basically sweet dumplings that can also be fried. It is filled with fresh coconut and jaggery while the covering is made of rice flour. As we all know, modaks are mythologically very significant and therefore very popular during the festival.

3. Batata Vada

A lot of times Batata Vada comes under the category of Mumbai Street Food, absolutely perfect for the rainy season. They are spicy potato dumplings, potato is ‘batata’ in Marathi and hence the name. Oh-so- yum when eaten with green chutney!

4. Pav Bhaji

Now, pav bhaji is a fairly common dish in a lot states but so to say it’s roots lie in Mumbai where it was started more like a midnight snack. Bhaji is very customizable and can be made in various ways, using different ingredients which made the dish very versatile and liked by all.

Very famous, easily accessible and fairly cheap as well!!

5. Vada Pav

No surprise here! Where you live in Mumbai or not, you have at some point in your life heard of vada pav. It is a staple food for Maharashtrians, you are bound to find it in ever nook and corner of the state or even in big hotels now. The same old recipe and ingredients but a hundred new ways of serving it with different dips and chutney.

You can head over to ‘Ashok Vada Pav’ to eat to your heart’s content.

6. Misal Pav

As we can see there is a lot of pav involved in a lot of dishes of Maharashtra but this one is more of a breakfast recipe very popular there. Misal is a blend of savories and sprouts. Sprouts are cooked with fresh tomatoes and onions along with spice powders and the very special missal masala!

7. Alu Vadi

It holds a very important place in the traditional Maharashtrian cuisine. A typical snack made by stuffing colocasia (Aloo/ Arbi) leaves with a spiced multigrain batter. It is often prepared during

traditional functions.

8. Thalipeeth

A savory multigrain pancake made using 3 kind of flours. It can be eaten as a healthy breakfast

or a substantial snack. The flours usually used are whole wheat, millet and besan. Can be served

with chutney, curd or butter.

You can head over it ‘Sukanta’ restaurant near Deccan Gymkhana in Pune to try it out!

9. Amboli

A traditional Maharashtrian bread also known as Tandalyachya Ambolya. Another pancake sorts but made of rice flour batter. It is quite famous in the western coastal area, extremely tasty, soft and fluffy. Often served with green or red chutney.

10. Kurkuron bombeel

This one is for all the non-vegetarians. This is more of a Konkani dish and is nothing but fried, crispy Mumbai duck. (sea food) Something different, and sounds a little unconventional.

11. Sol-kadhi

An extremely popular drink in the Konkan region, made from kokum and coconut milk also sometimes known as a digestive drink. It is very flavorful and refreshing. ‘Hotel Malwani Solkadi’ is said to serve absolutely mouth-watering sol kadhi, a must try.

12. Shrikhand

As we can see, Maharashtra has a lot to offer for all the people with a sweet tooth out there and this one is no exception. Even though it is widely popular all over India, but Shrikhand is one of the main deserts of the Maharashtrian cuisine. It is made of strained yogurt. Requires a lot of patience to make but totally worth it.

13. Kolambi bhaat

One of the most authentic dishes of Maharashtra is Kolambi bhaat also known as Prawn rice. It is essentially prawn cooked with rice and coconut milk. Anything without coconut is incomplete in Maharashtra.

14. Amti

It is a chatpati dal and people like to call it a comfort food. It is a little bit sweet blended with the perfect amount of sourness. Can be eaten on it’s own as soup or with chapati or rice like any other dal.

Can be found in ‘Shabree restaurant’ FC road, Pune.

15. Basundi

Again a desert, Basundi is liked by a lot of people all over India. A very popular sweet dish made with milk and sugar flavored with nutmeg. There are modern versions of it coming up like mango basundi and it still is one of the most loved desert of Maharashtra.

16. Kanda Poha

Poha is very common in every other household however Maharashtra is known for it’s Kanda poha or onion poha. It can be categorized as a snack or breakfast, it is extremely light to have and can be easily teamed up with your evening tea too.

17. Pithla Bhakri

Another very popular Maharashtrian comfort food, Pithla bhakru is a besan based thick curry served with jowar or bajra roti. It is both a street food and something you would find in any other restaurant in Maharashtra.

One such restaurant is ‘Potoba’ in Mumbai.

18. Sabudana Khichri

It is rather a breakfast or a fasting food in Maharashtra. Extremely popular during navratri season, it is made with boiled sabudana, potatoes , coriander and various spices. Very tasty and on the healthier side as well. Perfect for days when you want to have a light meal but as tasty as any other chatpati dish.

19. Kombdi Vade

Another treat for the non- vegetarians. It is a staple food in the Malvan region in Maharashtra. It consists of a traditional chicken curry, vade, onions, lemon juice and solkandhi. A very flavorful Malvani delicacy.

Where can you find these? ‘Gajalee’ restaurant, Mumbai.

20. Batata Kacharya

A side dish made of potatoes. Potatoes are fried with green chillis, asafoetida, curry leaves and spices. It can be eaten with dinner or lunch. Kacharya is a Marathi word which means very thin potato slices.

Might call it a traditional version of your staple fries!

Maharashtrian cuisine is full of variety from deserts to street food to proper spicy meals to light snacks. It has everything for everybody. It is a burst of authentic, tasty and traditional dishes. So many flavors that you cannot resist but try all of them!

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