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Outdoor night camps are incomplete without Bonfire, it unites the fellow travellers. Bonfires are synonymous with laid back camping chairs, marshmallows, nighttime noises, bugs, twinkling stars, staring at the night sky, the sharp shoots of wood sparks flying thru fresh air, bread-on-a-stick and the smell of other great outdoor food and drink and of course fun, laughter, and good friends!

With all those spooky stories and experiences, bonfire make the way for real fun games, that could add memories to your collection. The list of activities on bonfire goes down below- 


Telephone is a game played around the world in which one person whispers a short message to someone else. Easy peasy. The fun begins when that person quietly whispers the message to another person. This secret message is passed from one person to another until the last person announces it to the entire group. Thanks to the errors that usually arise in the retellings, hilarity usually ensues. An oldie but a goodie!

Red Rover

This is a team game, fills up the recreation in any dull night camp. The camper are split in two groups, one standing in west and other in east, facing to each other. Each player hold their team mate’s hand and form a chain. Team will call the opposite’s team member’s name, he/she will run through to the chain in order to break. If he succeed two members will join his team, else he will join his opponents. The winner is decide with most number of member in the time limit of game played.

Match spear

Pick a bread roll and place it at a distance. Draw a line on the ground as far as you wish from the object. Throw an ordinary fire lighting MATCH at the object (as you would a spear not a dart!) without overstepping the line. Choose the winner judging by three throws or a hit.

Group Story telling

Make storytelling a group activity by sitting around the campfire and taking turns to add a few lines each. Spooky stories are always fun, but not always the best idea for kiddie campers!


Sitting around the campfire on your camping chairs, everyone balance a shoe on his or her toes! The aim here is to flick the shoe backwards over your head! Not into the fire! The person who manages to throw the shoe the farthest over their head is declared the winner! Try it its so much fun!

Marshmallow Maverick

How many times can you roast a crust around a marshmallow on a stick in the fire, pulling the little crust off and roasting it again until there is NO marshmallow left? The record is 12 times, you will have to show us if you want us to believe that you can do it more times!

Twig Picker 

Guest at a bonfire party always throw things into the fire. You can make a game out of this as well. Set a timer and ask guests to gather branches and leaves. Each person then takes a turn throwing one thing into the fire. Whoever is left with something at the end is the winner.

Pick the one you like the most for you next bonfire. These gams are light and fun. Incase they do not fit for your camp, taking up as last option, music and dance works well too. 

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