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Need a break from the monotony of life? Want a low-budget vacation? Well ,summers are the season of holidays.But often the budget factor makes us stick in our homes.The hotel expenses occupy a greater proportion of the budget. If the hotel bothers you,hostels are latest ,trending and one of the most cost efficient way of planning your trip.

But what exactly is a hostel? Hostels/Backpackers hostel provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, and private rooms may also be available.Hostels are generally self-catering.Hostels are a slow growing trend in India in comparison to the world.Now a days one can see a  lot of variations in the designs of the hostels.They are made quirky and traditional.You might just want to visit the hostel ,more than the place itself.These are one of the few best hostels of India.

One such hostel is Vedanta Wake-up, located in South India,it offers the visitors an ultimate and authentic south indian experience.Apart from the beautiful location,Vedanta has lounges comfortable couches, gardens, terraces, etc, where travelers can meet each other to watch a movie, eat together or share a drink, exchange books, participate in games and plan onward travels together.

They also organise activities almost everyday to enable guests to interact, at no extra cost. These include dinners at restaurants, bar crawls, music & movie nights, board game nights, walking & cycling tours of the city, cooking classes, yoga sessions, etc .It has been set up in Kanyakumari located in Tamil Nadu and 5 places in Kerala namely Alleppey, Kovalam, Fort Kochi, Thekkady and Varkala. The price range is between Rs.300 to Rs.1500.

Vedanta wake up ,Alleppey ,Kerala
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Another unique hostel in India is Jungle Hostel at Vagator in Goa.As the name suggests it is located amidst the jungles of Goa and is a perfect escape from the rushing city life.One can explore perfect peace at the Jungle hostel and relax to the fullest.You can start your day with yoga ,chill in a hammock, chat under the coconut trees and forget about the outside world.And not only can one calm the soul but also delight the eyes.

One can explore waterfalls,spice plantations, markets of Goa.Once a week they organize a BBQ night and also rooftop movies.What could be better than movie under the stars in Goa!As far as food is concerned,Jungle Hostel has a in-house cafe with organic indian teas and coffee.From Italian to Vegan to Japanese, Vagator is home to quite a few people from all over the World and boasts of the widest selection of cuisines in Goa. All of them walking distance from the hostel. It is a perfect way to chill out at Goa.The dorms are priced at Rs. 500 while the separate rooms are priced at Rs. 1800.
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If you’re looking for a true-blue punjabi experience Jugaadus Hostel is the place for you.The word “jugaad” refers to an ingenious solution to all problems.North Indians are used to jugaads ,and what better than punjabis themselves.Jugaadus hostel is created in the villages , giving the tourists an insight to the country life.The biggest positive thing about this place ,is the hospitality visitors receive from the village where they have’t had many tourists.

People get invited into homes, marriages, fed, dressed up in local clothes and are almost considered/treated as celebrities by the locals. It is a good opportunity for travellers with the intent of learning the culture which is does not has a hue of the west.They offer a bed in a 4 bed dorm for ₹150 per night and an additional ₹70 per meal to the family. This can be one’s perfect cultural escape.Most of the walls of the hostel are full of art by guests/different artists. One can leave memories in the shape of these art pieces . They  provide the paints, brushes  ,pencils, markers or  anything else you would need to make any art in the hostel.
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Well,if you believe that life is a party and want to unleash all the fun in life , Prison by  #TheHostelcrowd in Goa is the place for you.It is India ‘s first and only party hostel.This place believes in unlimited party and also has a party bus.Pub quizes are organised by the hostel to bring people together.You can rent scooter and discover the various other places in Goa as well.Goa is the land of parties and nothing is better than Prison,the ultimate party hostel.They also have a bus bar.The tariffs start at Rs. 450 per person for a 10 bed dorm, and goes up to only Rs. 500 per person in a 4 bed dorm.

So,These are a few exotic hostels in India.All unique in their very own ways.These places are worth a visit if you’re looking for something.

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