Best islands of India to visit to search peace




India is not just a mass land with mountains and tea gardens, it does have many serene islands. Surrounded by water, with lush greenery and sandy beaches, they are majestic and beautiful for the view of any traveller.

That disconnect for small makes your spirituality connectivity to the nature. Beaches, amusing water sports, undersea corals reef, beautiful sunsets and enchanting sunrises. All makes up a refreshing and rejuvenating vacation.

Here is the list of extremely beautiful islands, lands you completely away from the crowd and create unique travel stories.

1. Munroe — The Backwater Island

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How to reach— Munroturuttu is its nearest railway station; An hour drive from Kollam;

Best time to visit — October to May

Things to do/Sight-seeing — The country craft cruise, INR 500/person;

2. Chorao — Island of waterways

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How to reach — Ferry-boat from the Ribandar village.

Best time to visit — November to April

Things to do/Sight-seeing — Flora and Fauna; Mangroves; Reserved Bird Sanctuary;

3. Majuli — World’s largest river island


How to reach — Couple of ferry rides and bus will take you here; Nearest Airport/Railways: Dibrugarh;

Best time to visit — September to March

Things to do/Sight-seeing — Auniati Satra; Dakhinpat Satra; Eco-tours;

4. Diu — Isle of Calm

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How to reach — Diu Airport has fair connectivity;

Best time to visit — October to March

Things to do/Sight-seeing — Chakritirath beach; Nadia Caves; Diu Fort; Diu Festival;

5. Divar — Island of exploration

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How to reach — Ferry ride from Old Goa

Best time to visit —November to April

Things to do/Sight-seeing — Piedade; Saptakoteshwara Temple; Church of Our Lady of Compassion;

6. Minicoy — Alone and Enchanting

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How to reach — Speed boats from Kavaratti and Kochi

Best time to visit — October to April

Things to do/Sight-seeing — Lighthouse; Banana Boat; Kayak; Scuba diving;

7. Neil Island— Rocks and Scuba

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How to reach — Jetty or speed boats from Port Blair; Nearest airport: Port Blair.

Best time to visit — October to April

Things to do/Sight-seeing — Neil Kendra; Lakshampur Beach; Coral Reefs; Natural Rock Formation; Scuba and Snorkelling; Cycling;

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