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It’s almost time for summer break and what says better about summer than having a campfire while lying under the stars, roasting some marshmallows, or going on a hike.

Here are 10 places you can camp around this summer if you are in Bangalore: 

1. Bheemeshwari

One reason to camp around this area, which a lot of travellers love is the fact that you get to see wildlife in a natural habitat the most. It is a wonderful as well as an impressive sight to catch some amazing animals with your eyes like Malabar giant squirrel, Jackals, Elephants, Leopards, Sambars and Spotted Deer.Campers can go fishing and can get a look over 200 bird species around the camp area.If you are an animal lover this is a place for you to be this summer. 









2. Bananthi Betta

Bananthi means mother who is nursing a newborn, and mari means the violent goddesses. Situated between Konanadoddi and Kuthnahalli, a beautiful place to camp around and go trekking, surrounding the 2 hillocks is the vast fields, between the hillocks is a lush green valley and a stream flowing down. Among the lesser-known delights, this place lies around 3km from kanakapura. Camping here makes up for a unique experience surrounded by magical beauty of nature. 

3. Gonikoppa

If you are looking for a quick time out from whatever you are doing and need a break to take in the free air, which you need, camping in south Coorg is the place to be.Surrounded by dense jungles and picturesque vistas, divert yourself from your city life and listen to the sound of calmness of sprawling Brahmagiri ranges.You can start up your day with adventure to get out of that city life with activities like trekking, jungle gym, stream walking and end your day with sound of bonfire crackling. 

  4. Kemmanagundi

It might not be one of the most popular campsites of all, but this is the destination where you exactly want to be. No crowd and only the peace, which you need. You can enjoy various activities in the area surrounded by the hills of Kemmanagundi. Summer retreats exist and you can enjoy trekking and numerous other activities. 

 5. Savandurga 

Known as one of the largest monolith hills in Asia, Savandurga, once a significant place during Hoysala rule and consist of granite cliffs, offers a unique camping experience. The place is especially popular for caving with several adventure enthusiasts flocking here to indulge in this activities.

 6. Ramanagara

Mostly known for the highly exciting trekking paths, Ramanagara has also become a great camping destination for team outings.If you are looking for a relaxing experience that is not too difficult, you should trek on the main hills and if you are highly adventurous adventurer, you can take the more difficult trek paths while arranging a longer outing.  

7. Manchinbele

This place is another best weekend getaways for all the people who get busy with the city life. It is a perfect place for team outings and is located as one of the most popular location for camping in Bangalore. The beauty of this place includes all the necessary amenities that you surely want. Some activities which you can do while here are paintball, zipline, rappelling, Burma bridge, tight rope walk. 

8. Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

A night under the stars is all one need to bring back the magic in life. After reaching Anthargange, begin caving at around 12:00 AM. After a briefing session by expert guides, following, which the night trek to the Anthargange peak will begin. Witness rare nocturnal sights along the way, revealing the panoramic views of the night sky from the peak and enjoy a lively bonfire session.While at the peak, get a surreal view of the sun rising over the horizon and relish in breakfast the base, post which you will return back to Bangalore. 

 9.  Wayanad

Adventure is out there, and the best time to explore every aspect of your adventurous life is while on an exciting cycling and camping tour with trekking near the exotic lands of Bansurua in Wayanad.Grab your friends and strap on your helmets as you prepare for an exciting ride of a lifetime. While on this tour, you can enjoy a relaxing camping experience as well, gazing at the stars and a barbeque dinner with your loved ones.Share stories by the campfire as you spend the night under the company of a clear night sky. Embark on an exciting trekking experience with your friends on your next trip and let the magic of nature take over you. 

10. Sakleshpur

Known worldwide for its rich biodiversity, Sakleshpur spills many thrills. Located in the Western Ghats, it displays rare fauna and flora. The pictorial hills, deep valleys and abundant forests lend in a distinct charm to this place making camping here an enchanting experience.

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