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Looking for a weekend destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city? These places are the perfect getaway for your next camping endeavour. Get packing and embark upon a journey to the unexplored wonders of nature.

  • Prabalmachi – As peaceful as it gets:

About 47 km off Mumbai lies the small village of Prabalmachi. This place has a rich history from the times of the Bahamani Sultanate. What binds you here is the local colour and cuisine of the place accompanied by a picturesque view of the surroundings.There is a different sense of peace and calm in Prabalmachi which is rarely found in the cities these days.

When you get here you can avail the existing infrastructure or setup a camp for yourself. Following this a twin trek awaits you at the Prabalgad fort and Kalavantin fort, the latter being quite steep. At the end of the day, you will be a happy person after witnessing the serene environment and taking up the challenging trek up the hill. Nothing would be better than the smile of contentment spreading up on your face.

  • Karnala – Haven for bird lovers:

A wonderful place for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts, Karnala is a go-to destination for people living in Mumbai.Located just about 50km from Mumbai, Karnala has a lot to offer for the tourists.The bird sanctuary present here houses various winged species from different nooks and corners of the country.

While camping here in Karnala you will be constantly accompanied by the music of the chirruping birds, their sound being one of the sweetest and melodious voices you are going to hear in your lives.You can also plan a trek to Karnala fort which provides an alluring view of the lush green area, which turns greener during the monsoons. Simple yet beautiful, this place will surely mesmerise you with its serenity.

  • Kashid – Lose yourself in the Arabian waters:

Camping in Kashid is an amazing thing to do and it will be a unique experience for sure. This beach town is graced by the generous waters of the Arabian Sea. Kashid beach presents you a marvelous combination of nature, wildlife and water sports.

During the day time, you can enjoy various aqua activities along with some beach volley ball. Don’t forget to try your hands at fishing with the locals. As the night sets in, catch up with your bonfire beneath the moonlit sky and the glittering stars. Wrap it up with some star gazing and then doze off with the roar of sea in the background.

  • Matheran – Jungle me mangal:

Matheran has always been a popular camping destination for the people living in Mumbai. Even though the distance of Matheran is just 90km from Mumbai, you can bring in automobiles only till the outskirts. If you love adventure and thrills Matheran is a perfect getaway for some adrenaline rush.

Camping in the dense green forests is filled with a number of intriguing challenges but every experience is rewarding in itself. Horse riding is something which people from every age group like and can be seen in Matheran. Charlotte Lake is another spot at Matheran which provides you with exciting camping opportunity amongst the underlying fresh water and magnificent nature trails.

  • Lonavala – Nature at its best:

Another famous camping destination near Mumbai city is the town of Lonavala which will not fail to allure you with the breath-taking views on offer. There are multiple camping and trekking options available here with the enchantress in the form ‘Pawana Lake’ and the ‘Rock Face Camps’ standing strong.

Various other elements like the flora and fauna add to the grandeur of this place. Curating your adventure instincts are the activities of rappelling and flying fox along with varying levels of challenging treks. The beautiful weather of this place makes it a one-stop destination for all your travel cravings.

  • Lohgad – The fort stands tall:

Lohgad Hill Fort comprises of a trek and camping experience together. While setting up your base camp, a cool mountain breeze greets you which turn cooler as you ascend to the top. All the sites which you’ll come across would be a memorable one. You can venture around Lohgad and reach ‘Karla Caves’ where history comes together. Come to Lohgad and have a happy camping experience.

  • Kolad – River rafting being the best:

The Kundalika River at Kolad is an awesome place to carry out camping which is 117 km from Mumbai. The river water forms the basis for various water activities all through the season. River rafting is the major recreational attraction carried out on this river. Your camp can get even more interesting when you indulge in kayaking or boating. Pack your camping gear and get going!

  • Malshej Ghat – Witness a sight of a lifetime:

Lying amongst the Sahyadri ranges, Malshej Ghat is a prominent landmark for camp lovers out of Mumbai. While camping on the lake side, you’ll witness stunning visuals of waterfalls from the ghats and the adjoining region. During the migratory season, flamingos are also visible making it a once-in-a-lifetime sight. The wonders of nature here at Malshej are a plenty and you won’t be disappointed with your camp-tour to this place.

  • Khopoli – Spend some delightful camping time:

The camping site of Khopoli is an 80km drive from the city area of Mumbai. Located at the base of Amby Valley, Khopoli is another alluring campsite. You can avail all the basic facilities present here to enhance your camping experience. Strolling around the camping area will be a good thing to do. Relax and de-clutter your mind so that you can feel rejuvenated.

  • Bhandardara – Enjoy the night camp:

This destination is an alluring island outing near Mumbai, nearly 165 km from it. Come to Bhandardara to experience the best of night camping under the starlit sky and the warm bonfire. Photographers totally enjoy capturing the perfect shot of the glittering skyline. During the day time, you can enjoy numerous activities away from your camp and have fun! Fireflies also feature in during the pre-monsoon season which is another eye-catching attraction of this place.

  • Kamshet – Paragliding hotspot:

Being one of the main paragliding spots in the region, Kamshet is a treat for camping and adventure lovers. It is just about 110 km from Mumbai and a decent place to camp. There are many other sites of attraction which will leave you spell-bound. Get yourselves enriched with the magnificence of Kamshet.

Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves. Happy camping!


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