Best places to camp without mobile network




1. Chandratal


Among the most serene treks in India. ChandraTal is also known as “Moon Lake” is the source of the Chandra River that flows across Spiti valley and merge into Chenab River. It attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts from across the world. Located at an altitude of 4300 m, Chandra Tal Lake is 6 kms away from the Kunzum Pass in Spiti and Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh state of India.

Regarded as a moderate trek, camping at this place is known for its majestic reflections of surrounding Himalayan peaks in its deep blue waters, which once you witness, will never forget in you entire life. The base camp is usually near Manali or Kunzum pass. You would spend couple of days without your mobile and internet connection just to feel the nature and find yourself.

Experience Level:  Level 5, Intermediate

Noise Level: Breathing (10db)

2. Great Himalayan National Park


The Himalayas have been a source of awe and inspiration for millennia to countless individuals. They are the largest, tallest and geologically youngest mountains on our planet. The unique ecological aspects of the Western Himalaya led to the creation of the most exotic national park Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). The park is blessed with varied ecology and plant diversity.

GHNP has all kind of treks, whether you like short and moderate treks or the long adventurous treks. Camping here is a delight to any nature lover. You will loose the mobile connection once you enter the ecozone, so leave you desk life and go there to the date the nature.

Experience Level: Level 4, Basic Experience

Noise Level: Whisper or rusting leaves (20db)

3. Triund Hill


Triund trekking is the most popular trek in North India. The trail is pretty rough and rugged, still considered as the beginner’s trek. The view of Dauladhar ranges is something that makes your trek worthy. You will be accompanied by many fellow trekkers and campers. 

This hill is a perfect place to camp in summer. The night camp, bonfire, mountain packed food and instant noodles, add up to your enjoyment. The best views of sunset and sunrise is some you can’t miss out. It could windy and chilly at night, so camping with right gear is important. Incase you are looking for short break from your busy schedule, this is place for you to leave those meeting reminders away.

Experience Level: Level 2, Beginner

Noise Level: Birds Call (40db)

4. Kheerganga


The name came because of the milky waters of the river which flows in the parvati valley. If you see closely, the name is made up of two words. Kheer and Ganga, Kheer (Rice and Milk made Indian Sweet dish) and Ganga(The holy river of India).

It will hard to move forward from the beauty you are witnessing of. But, you have to move for seeing more beautiful terrain during Kheerganga trek. 

Kheerganga is known as a spiritual site and it is believed that Kartik Ji Son of Lord Shiva had meditated for thousands of years. The silence of the valley and serene atmosphere makes it the ideal place for night camping. The chilly winds at night must be taken care of by your woollens and sleeping bags. You will feel the connect with yourself once you are disconnected from the network.

Experience Level: Level 2, Moderate

Noise Level: Birds Call (40db)

5. Jungles of Bhimtal


The climate is wonderful, with pleasant summers, a beautiful spring and autumn, and sunny, bracing winters. The lake, which has a little island in the middle, is the largest of the lakes here. The Shivalik ranges have rich green and thick jungles here. Camping at Bhimtal is an extreme fun, specially enjoyed with water sports and small treks. 

This places serves the purpose for a adventure and leisure travel. Surrounded with woods at night you leaves your worries about the push notifications in your phone.

Experience Level:  Level 1, Beginner

Noise Level: Birds Call (40db)

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