Bir billing – World paragliding capital.




Bir  is a village located  in the state of  Himachal Pradesh  in northern  Indi a a  perfect holiday destination for people who are fond of adventure and travellingthey have para gliding.  

Bir  located in plains of northern India and has a moderate climate.During summer season it can be comfortable out under the sky with being hot but in winter it gets cold requires proper clothing and is a bit chilly.  

Where as Billing is really windy all time in  the year and wind cheater and warm clothes are must during the year.  

The Bir-Billing area is a very known and famous site especially for paragliding, visitors from all over the world and India come here.  

The super duper flying season is from September to October, with flying also done in November.  

Another adventure sport which majorly attracts adventure seekers from all over the country, hand gliding is a popular sport which requires training for participation. Billing(14 km) is the launch pad for the hand gliders and Bir is the landing site. 

In Billing the best part is  You can pitch your camping tent at the ridge and enjoy the amazing and panoramic view of the Kangra Valley and Beas Valley. If someone wants to camp, it’s pro tip and advisable to carry your provisions from Bir as nothing is available here. Also, during the paragliding season, many temporary tea stalls come up. 

The village continues to host some  international competitions and events making the stay more interactive and vibrant.  

Also, the place noted as the centre for ecotourism, spiritual studies and meditation. It is considered to be the  biggest home to Tibetan refugee settlements and several Buddhist monasteries with large stupa. 

The natural beauty of this little town, with a colourful Tibetan influence can be taken in and truly experienced by talking walks around the place. 

The nature walks are the best and starts from Bir Tibetan Colony to Baijnath via Sherab Ling monastery and gives a perfect walk with the beautiful forests and tea gardens.  

The Sherab Ling Monastery perfectly offers periodic courses for Buddhist meditation and philosophy. People will also find a colourful bunch of more Buddhist monasteries and temples in the area. 

Not only this but Bir has a lot of major tourist attractions to experience.  

The Deer Park Institute is a hub for the study of classical Indian wisdom conventions.  

Chokling Gompa is one monastery of Neten Chokling Rinpoche, called as the  reincarnation of  lama part of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and also the director of the film  Milarepa (2006).  

The Tibetan architecture and large stupa are the important and major attractions for casual visitors. 

And finally the crazy part is The Bir Tea Factory is a wide Bir cooperative, which offers  complete tours for those keen in the process of tea production and making of some tasty teas in the country. 

Bir Billing is a place to be enjoyed completely if you keep time in your hand. The area can be explored for eco tourism. The village has tea plantation and the morning view can be enjoyed at Bir. 

Bir most importantly  conducts regular World Paragliding championship during the month of April 

Stay here can be magnificent as Bir has lots of small guest house and two reasonable good hotel. Suggestion here is go for guest house as this way you can know people. The Highly recommended guest house is Blue Umbrella. The stay there is comfortable and rooms are quite clean. A good stay overnight will cost you around Rs 1000/- which is reasonable enough.  

The mainstream thought is the place is beautiful low on budget and a perfect vacation destination.  




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