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Travelling is the way to create stories that you could keep telling to your friends or family, but they can also be quite pricey. That shouldn’t stop you from making those stories of your trips, however, even if you are on a relatively tight budget. These creative ways to save money and grow your travel funds will help you to reach your travel goals before you know it.

1. Cook your own food 

Dining out put a dent on your monthly expenses, but you can cut down your expenses by making your food at home. A small change on your spending habits can make you save a significant amount in a couple of months time.

2. Buy stuff only during sales

If you are planning to buy some new dress, a camera or a bag, just wait for some seasonal or festival sales. These sales pay off huge discounts sometimes, that will let you save for your travel funds.

3. Minimize your electricity bill

Charge your phone, laptops or power banks at your workplace only. Though this will only save some pennies, but let all be counted for your travel funds.

4. Use your car to make a little cash out of it

Why not use your car to have an income on the side. Find the people who can accompany you on your ride to the office. Car pooling will not only help you make a few friends, you could also make additional money out of it.

5. Save on your grocery budget

Buy your weekly/monthly grocery instead of going to the super mart daily. This way not only you are going to save the travel cost to the market, additionally you can avail discounts for bulk purchases.

6. Participate in online competitions

There are always present some competitions online on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Most of them are asking for few efforts, such as questionnaires or posting photos or just hit like on their profile. This would get you the additional money that can make your travel longer and easier.

7. Hold a garage sale

There would be plenty of stuff that would be of no or less used by you. You can hold a garage sale or post an advertisement online on eBay, CraigList or OLX. This is the easiest way to raise funds in big chunks. Just make sure to use all proceeds from that sale for your travel savings account.

These are all are the ways to save additional money that will come handy on your travel. Tight budget tend to cut the excitement level and no traveller will want that. Apart from all these hacks you will need to have a dedicated travel fund or maybe a separate Savings account. All saved pennies will go there and hopefully at your departure you will have enough to pay all your travel bills.

About the author, Liya James

Hi, I am Liya!! I first traveled the globe when I was four months old when we immigrated to the United States from Indonesia, and I have been roaming the world every chance I get ever since. I've been to 15 countries and counting. I am passionate about experiencing new cultures and sharing my adventures with others. I believe that travel is the best education, and I am excited to continue learning and sharing these adventures with you.

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