Careers for Nomads That Can’t Quit Travelling




8 Careers for Nomads That Can’t Quit Travelling

Are you addicted to travel? You’re not alone. Whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between – it’s so easy to get drawn into the alternative lifestyle of touring, tasting and trying things out. But, of course, you need a way to pay for it. Read on for 8 careers that are perfect for nomads.

1. Copywriter

Companies need writers all over the world. While it’s not the best-paid career, it can provide a pretty stable source of work once you get your name out there. And it only requires a few hours work each day to keep you going. If you learn about SEO, you can even provide companies with an extra service for a bit more income.

2. Web designer

    A lot of businesses require web design, but don’t need it so much to employ their own web designer. If you can get the skills, freelancing as the web or even graphic designer could get you a stream of one-off projects with different companies. But you need to get trained up and build up a portfolio beforehand.

      3. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

        English is a growing language, and everyone wants to learn it. What better way than learning from a native speaker? If English people can put the time in to earn TEFL certification, they could open a lot of doors for work around the world.

        4. Consultant

        If you have experience in a certain field, you could use this to help companies where you’re traveling. Acting as a temporary consultant, you can assist with short-term projects like training staff, or give companies long-term advice on social media strategies or business growth.

        5. Translator

          If you speak more than one language, you can earn some pretty good money working as a freelance translator. It’s not all international businesses meetings. There are restaurants looking for menu translations and websites requiring translations online, for instance.

            6. Bar work

              You don’t need a fancy career to keep you going on your travels. Bar work is readily available to most destinations and provides a fun way to get involved in the local nightlife. In some cases, it helps if you have a decent grasp on the local language.

                7. Tour guide

                  Whether you’re acting as a representative for a large tour company or you’re brave enough to set up your own tours, working as a tour guide is a fun way to fund your travels. All you need is some good knowledge of the local area and enough time spent on the streets to know where you’re going.

                    8. Blogger

                      There are a few ways to work as a blogger on your travels. If you build up enough of a following you can blog about your travels, gaining income from adverts on your site or blog about something else and gain money from affiliate marketing. This is where you send visitors to buy products and earn commission from the sale. Then there’s the third option, where you can offer your services as a freelance blogger for companies who want more original content on their website.

                      Off you go

                      It’s important to have some plans in place for your time away. Those savings you set aside will soon begin to waste away and without a source of income, you could see your travels cut short. Our 8 options provide a wide range of options for nomads, so it’s just up to you to choose your favorite and prepare for life on the road.

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