DELHI-an abode for you to relax and ponder!




                                                   “DELHI-an abode for you to relax and ponder”

The unfrequented roads, the ones with the yellow leaves lying barren on the charcoal and you in search of some questions left unanswered and a thirst left un-quenched, ‘travel’ indeed pacifies and answers the most .Delhi, not only is the capital of the country but is truly the proud bearer of the great amalgam of the hustle of the fast paced modern lives and an aroma of the undying era of the souvenirs .It is a great blend of all the flavours in the very apt amount. It is drenched in  the colours fusing into each other with dimming their silhouettes and a wanderer has his/her love found. Delhi will suffice your zeal to travel, to shop, to experience the affluence with the old world charm, with the netted beams gleaming from its eyes.


Being an Indian makes you the one who craves for the authentic flavours of food and we proudly be the connoisseurs of the things we eat, to relieve your wagging tongue and the hunger cramps of your stomach the narrow streets of chandini chowk will serve your platter with the delicious pranthas from the famous ‘panthae wali gali’. The place offers you vivid pranthas like matar,aloo(everyone’s delight),gazar,mooli,mixed,soya and the list wouldn’t terminate but your appetite will. Apart from the food one can totally experience the authenticity of the ‘old delhi’,the havelies and the old locked up dwellings making one smell the root culture.

If you are totally done with your boss applauding you with piles of files each day or your college misleading your definition of the chilled days at college then , ’Humayun’s Tomb’ is the place for a mind searching some time to relax, to simply have a view un interrupted by the high buildings of delhi. Humayun’s tomb not only is a historical site giving you umpteen knowledge of its existence but is also spread out on a colossal area and having lush green of nature around bestowing you with calmness to decide, to talk and to just introspect your own self.

If you are blown away with the pace of the glamour of the city life and find a stress free mind with partying Saturday and Sundays and the classy restaurants and rich  ambience with good authentic food is your delight then ‘Haus Khas village’ is just the one for you . The place offers you with one of the city’s best clubs playing some amazing music all evening making it a party destination. It is very popular amongst students and the other party lovers. Apart from such a modernised culture, the place is also famous for ‘Hauz Khas fort’ expanding over a wide area and a soothing surreal lake with the ducks glorifying its water.

If you are in search of some spiritual peace and calmness then the ‘Cathedral Church’ and ‘Lotus Temple’ are your answers. Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is one of the oldest city church built beautifully gives you peace and a heavenly relaxing feeling. It is situated in the central Delhi near Patel Chowk is a serene place to be and akin to such an experience is the Lotus Temple of the bahai belief. Shaped and constructed with a lotus shaped dome of white colour is very famous for maintaining silence and cleanliness all around. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

‘India Gate’ although very famous and needing no introduction is a place to be anytime and in any state of mind and it will boil everything down to a stress free being. Some things are very common and usual but still their essence always make them stand unique and new, one such  place is India Gate .It not only instils a feeling of patriotism as standing upright symbolising the sacrificed lives for making us breathe in a free India but sooths one with an unconventional aura. Boating being a luring feature for all the first time visitors is always heavily occupied the most on weekends by families and small children. Situated in not an isolated place makes you feel being at the core of the city and even a far away view in the evening when the lights light up such a great structure and the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ flickering with blowing wind  makes a feeling of the never dying hope sit in your heart.

Shopping can never be ‘no’ choice for most of us and when it comes to quality and brands ‘Khan Market’ never disappoints you. Famous for being an abode to almost all the brands, the market bears apparel, accessories and designer shops is a treat to a shopping lover of quality and authenticity in terms of clothes and variety. ‘Khan Chacha’ a foodies’ stop point is very popular for the delicious ‘fingerlicious’ kebabs is also one of the major attraction.

‘Connaught Place’ being the central Delhi itself is also called the heart of the city suffices almost everyone. It is one of the dearest markets and dwellings of the eminent people from the fields of business and offices. The place is a beautiful white architecture which provides one with great shopping goals and excellent restaurants. The clubs, bars and roof top cafes with a dear atmosphere always tops the list of party goers. The place offers the original state culture and crafts of the whole country in the various ‘state emporiums’ which are an embodiment of bringing khadi,silk,other crafts in their most real flavors to customers. You can experience the true colours of Delhi being at Connaught Place with the place presenting a little of the historical touch with ‘Agrasen ki Baoli’ (thanks to the makers of PK),a wide and beautiful green Central Park located at the center of the two concentric inner and outer circles of the place with the national flag held very high on a pole being the second largest national flag fluttering with immense pride and valor.

The places to visit in the capital are immense be it the ‘Bangla Saheb’, ’Akshardham temple’, ‘Saket’, ‘Purana Quila’, ‘Qutub Minar’, ‘Pragati Maidan’, ‘Red Fort’, ‘Jama Masjit’ and there will not be a fullstop to it but would only bear commas with their rich history intermixed with a modern touch. The city is just up for grabs for exploration and fulfilling ones wander lust. Come and let its richness colour your soul so you may rejoice with a heart beating for more because it can never be ceased for if it stops you will stop living.



About the author, Liya James

Hi, I am Liya!! I first traveled the globe when I was four months old when we immigrated to the United States from Indonesia, and I have been roaming the world every chance I get ever since. I've been to 15 countries and counting. I am passionate about experiencing new cultures and sharing my adventures with others. I believe that travel is the best education, and I am excited to continue learning and sharing these adventures with you.

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