What? Are the mountains calling?




                                                                       What? Are the mountains calling?

Well if so then I know someplace if you enjoy solitude and peace with the breathtaking views around.
No no, I am not sending you to Himalayas.
I am sending you to a place which has the highest cricket ground in the world. Yes, it is in India.
I am talking about Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

Let me introduce you to Solan first.

Solan became Solan on 1st September 1972 by combining Solan and Arki tehsils of Mahasu district and and kandhaghat of shimla district. The name came from the local deity Shoolini Devi.
Now there are 5 tehsils (Kasauli, Nalagarh, Arki, Kandaghat and district headquarter Solan) in Solan district.

The traditional dance– pahadi giddha or paruhan is originally from kunihar. There is one historical dance too which is called Thodo and is performed in Shoolini Mela every year.

Some of the ‘est rankings:

One of the highest railway stations in the world.

The highest cricket ground in the world, located in Chail, Solan at 2444 meters above sea level.

Mohan Meakin brewery which is one of the oldest distillery in the world is located in Solan.

Famous as:
“The mushroom city of India” because of the large mushroom farming in the region.
“the city of red gold” because of the large production of tomatoes in the region.


Poode, lushke, patande, sidu, askalu, and pachole are the popular traditional dishes of Solan.

Now that you know what it is like, let’s see what can be explored in this beautiful place away from the rush of tourists and generally explored by the travelers.
Because you know, they came, they saw, they loved!

1. Yungdrung Tibetan Monastery:

Also known as Yung Drung Ling, Bon, and Yung Drung was built in 7th century and is considered one of the oldest monastery in the world and is also the oldest in India.
It has a statue of Shenrab Mibo and a beautiful architecture with a colorful interior. This little paradise is situated 12 km away from the town on a hillside.
If you are traveling around the new year, do not miss the performances of the Cham, the sacred bone dances on new year’s eve.
It is also called Bon because it belongs to Bon sect, which is one of the branch of Tibetan Buddhism. If you are interested in knowing the Tibetan culture more, the visit to this monastery will definitely not disappoint you.
You must have seen the pictures of the adorable little monks playing basket ball, well you will get to see them when you will reach to the basketball ground on the way to the temple by taking the stairs.
If you are lucky enough you can also find room in the guest house next to the monastery to stay.
The monastery is like a township which has a school, medical clinic, restaurant and everything. you will also get to meet the kids of the orphanage who laways feel delighted to meet the strangers and to play with them.  
I hope these pictures prove what I am trying to say about the beauty of the place. 

You can easily find transport in Solan to reach there.
Just as a reminder, do not forget about the new year’s eve.

2. Jatoli Shiva Temple

It is the highest temple of lord Shiva in the Asia. This 111ft. high temple took 39 years to built in Southern-Dravidian style. The architecture of the temple is insanely beautiful and will always be one of those beautiful things to you that you can’t just forget.
The two things that this temple is famous about are:
1.The lord Shiva is rested in a cave inside this temple.
2.Swami Krishnananda Paramhans used to practice penance.
The name Jatoli came from the word “jata” which means the hair of lord Shiva.

If you seek some peace and want to relax and meditate, 6km away from Solan, the place will let you have this your way.


Chail can be your perfect getaway to a beautiful, isolated and peaceful hill station situated 45 km from Solan. Chail is situated at a height of 2250 m above sea level and is a proud owner of the highest cricket ground in the world. To escape to the breathtaking greenery of this place you can go via kandaghat from Solan.


4. Kali ka Tibba

Just a 6km hike from Chail, situated a temple called Kali ka Tibba. After spending a night at Chail you can go on the hike through the woods, during the sunrise to Kali ka Tibba and you will end up with your walk to remember.

5.Chail palace

Are you fascinated about the life of kings and queens? The Chail palace will definitely not disappoint you. It was constructed in the 18th century during the reign of Maharaja of Patiala. You can stay in the inn which is inside the palace like a king or a queen.

6.Mall Road

Have been to some place and couldn’t bring some souvenir? Just doesn’t sound right. You can visit Mall Road to buy some handicrafts and can also try various cuisines of solan along with many shops. There is no shopping mall in mall road, it is a kind of bazaar with lots of shops, showrooms and bookstores, perfect to buy some souvenir.

Best time to visit Solan:

The best thing about Solan is you can visit it anytime in the year. Though the time between february to october is considered the best.

Where to stay?

You can easily find many budget hotels in Solan and can book them offline and online. 

Go visit and explore the less explored town and make the memories. 
And if you find some more time, you can visit the places near Solan too. Like: Shimla, Kasauli, Mashobra, Kufri, Naldehra, Nahan.

Happy trails! 

About the author, Liya James

Hi, I am Liya!! I first traveled the globe when I was four months old when we immigrated to the United States from Indonesia, and I have been roaming the world every chance I get ever since. I've been to 15 countries and counting. I am passionate about experiencing new cultures and sharing my adventures with others. I believe that travel is the best education, and I am excited to continue learning and sharing these adventures with you.

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