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“A world within a world”, is the thing that Rudyard Kipling needed to say in regards to the wonderful, separated valley of Spiti in his book. It couldn’t have been depicted better.

It’s a concealed world. A world that is a mix of old Buddhist religious communities, untamed fruitless land, curious and remote towns, unblemished lakes, intriguing stories, rich culture, kind individuals, hypnotizing sees and remarkable lunar scene.

The untamed and rough scenes of Spiti Valley are for those prepared explorers who cherish the fierce, desolate magnificence of nature. Concealed from the visitor towns of Kinnaur and Leh, Spiti Valley is an unexplored Himalayan landscape where many neglect to tread. Here are a couple of reasons why you should visit Spiti particularly amid rainstorm season.

Spiti lies over the primary scope of Himalayas, called the Trans-Himalaya. Be that as it may, hold up a moment! How about we simply ponder what strikes a chord when somebody notices ‘Himalaya’. Taking off high snow crests, pine woods and green glades. Basically that, correct? Consider the possibility that I revealed to you Spiti is the entire differentiation of all that, however similarly as excellent.

Spiti is a cool betray mountain valley with desolate slopes, dim spree slants, perfect lakes, a portion of the world’s most astounding occupied towns and wonderful religious communities roosted drastically finished its scene. The touch of desolateness and a feeling of old civilization are some additional items.


Untouched High Altitude Lakes of Spiti

High elevation lakes are the most delightful embellishments on the crown of Spiti. The lakes are quite recently not normal for anything you may have seen or experienced. What makes it all the more exciting is the way that you need to trek your way to these lakes due to their fascinating areas and high heights. Chandratal, Suraj Tal and Dhankar are a portion of the well known pools of the valley. Chandratal especially is the most loved spot inside the visitor gatherings and Camping at Chandratal under the ritzy sky is considered as an extreme groundbreaking background. Sopona lake is another concealed pearl that relatively few voyagers know about. On the off chance that you are on a mission to investigate the most concealed parts of our nation; you should incorporate a high height pool of Spiti valley in your schedule.

Interesting Monasteries: A Window to the Spitian Religion

The most intriguing part of Spiti is its Gompas, and the most fascinating part of these Gompas is their one of a kind area. Roosted high on mountains, these religious communities are disengaged from civilisation, which inspires an uncommon sort of enthusiasm for an explorer’s psyche. These Gompas are considered as the focal point of Buddhism and are a noteworthy managing power in a Spitian’s life. All the towns have a cloister on the edge over the town. Aside from the numerous town level religious communities, there are five noteworthy cloisters in Spiti: Key Monastery, Tangyud Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, Tabo Monastery and Kungri Monastery. You can feel the genuine nearness and quintessence of Buddhism inside these Gompas in their lively thangkas, wall paintings, sacred writings, and works of art and supplications of the red robed lamas.

500 year old embalmed body of a Buddhist Monk named Sangha Tenzin

Here is the greatest shock of all. Around 33 km from Tabo, in a little town named Gue, rests a 500 year old preserved body of a Buddhist minister, named Sangha Tenzin. Is astounding that the procedure of preservation of the friar’s body is totally normal and no chemicals were utilized as a part of the procedure. Notwithstanding common embalmment, the mummy’s head is in place with hair, his obscured skin looks tight, regardless he has teeth and he sits upright with his jaw laying on his knee in a reflective stance. He has a reflection belt (gomtag) circling his neck and legs which may have kept him similarly situated till his passing. The mummy rests in a case molded solid room close to the few mud places of Gue. Not at all like simulated preservation where a few layers of glass are utilized to save the body, is this mummy kept inside one single glass layer.

World’s Highest Motorable Village at 15,027 feet

Going by Spiti valley allows you to visit the world’s most noteworthy motorable town. Komic town is arranged at a taking off elevation of around 15,027 feet above ocean level. Being a storage facility of old fossils with a cloister at its passage and little slopes to climb around the town, Komic will be the high purpose of your excursion, truly. Komic lies at a separation of 18 – 20 km from Kaza. The most ideal approach to get to Komic is by employing a private taxi from Kaza. There is an administration transport that can take you to Komic, but since the villagers barely wander out of their towns on an everyday premise, these transports run just twice per week (Tuesdays and Saturdays). These transports are not visit or tried and true, but rather they are prudent.

Highest Post Office of the World at 14,567 feet in Spiti

The Hikkim town of Spiti valley is home to the World’s Highest Post Office. Sending yourself or your kin postcards from 14,567 feet above ocean level is very uncommon and cool. Hikkim is a 15 km tough drive from Kaza. There are two approaches to reach there: one is employing a private taxi from Kaza, the other is taking the neighborhood HRTC transport from Kaza to Hikkim. This is a similar transport that goes the distance to Komic. The issue is, it just runs twice per week. Simply check the transport plans legitimately a day prior to you need to make your excursion.

Curious Villages of Spiti

There are curious and minimized towns scattered the whole way across Spiti. These towns are situated at a significant separation from each other and they just have a modest bunch of box molded houses each. Towns in Spiti are set at three levels of height: lower, center and upper. Kaza, Dhankar, Lhalung, Demul, Komic, Kibber, Tashigang, Mud, Key, Langza and Gete are some notable towns of Spiti. The area and the perspective of every town is an incredible sight. Going to these towns increases the value of your trek and genuinely gives you knowledge into the life of Spitians.

Inviting Homestays in Spiti Valley

The immense part is that a portion of the Spiti towns to be specific Komic, Langza, Kibber, Demul, Lhalung, Dhankar and Hikkim offer homestays to voyagers. Its extraordinary in light of the fact that meeting an intriguing district like Spiti without investigating the towns and living the lives of local people is quite recently a large portion of the experience. Homestays let you comprehend numerous parts of a Spitian’s life like: what it resembles to live in a remote area, what nourishment do they eat, what they do when the unforgiving winters keep them on house capture for a considerable length of time and what do they look for in this life. The general population of Spiti valley doesn’t have faith in squandering anything which is very obvious in the dry treating the soil toilets these homestays have. It creates excrement which they use in their fields. Despite the fact that these homes give essential offices, they are perfect and extensive, give delectable nearby nourishment, and the graciousness of the general population merits reclaiming home.

A place that is known for Adventures

Spiti offers a great deal of extension for all you experience addicts. Consistently there are individuals taking the street to Spiti to experiment with a bundle of exercises like Biking, Cycling, Mountaineering, Trekking, Camping, Ice Climbing and Overland Jeep Safari for the whole Spiti valley visit. With its various high pinnacles, Spiti offers colossal open doors for Mountaineering and Trekking. Spiti’s dry fruitless scene is favorable for Camping. Spiti is additionally a forthcoming goal for Ice moving in winters. Whichever enterprise movement you pick, it is essential to give yourself the required time for appropriate acclimatization and convey preparatory drugs to have the capacity to make the most of your excursion with no bother.

Fascinating Facts About SPITI VALLEY

  • The name “Spiti” actually signifies ‘The Middle Land’. Spiti lies on the Indian fringe with Tibet.

  • In 1993, the Government of India pulled off all confinements for go in Spiti, including those focused at nonnatives, in this way making the place more open for outcasts. Outsiders, be that as it may, even now need to enroll with the ITBP preceding their visit.

  • In Spiti, you will locate the World’s most noteworthy town named the Komic town.

  • Spiti likewise brags to have the World’s most elevated Post Office and the World’s most noteworthy Polling Station in the town of Hikkim.

  • There is a 500 year old self-preserved body of a Buddhist friar named Sangha Tenzin protected even today in Spiti’s Gue town.

  • Inspite of having a similar District Administration, Spiti is strikingly not the same as Lahaul regarding its territory, history and culture.

  • Winters in Spiti are exceptionally brutal and to survive them Spitian’s commend a great deal of celebrations, weddings and birthday celebrations in the winter months by stocking up a ton of sustenance and neighborhood liquor.

  • Despite the fact that the winters are brutal, it is the ideal time for detecting the antisocial Snow panther and the wild Ibex of Spiti.

  • There is no system network in Spiti valley. Just BSNL postpaid cards work here, that as well, in particular regions. On occasion Airtel additionally works at different spots and furthermore some remote ranges. An accommodating tip: Pre-download the guide of Spiti valley in your Google Map App.

  • Kaza is the headquarter of Spiti. It is the main place in the whole valley that has a Fuel Station, a Cyber Cafe and an appropriate versatile system. Kaza and Tabo are the main spots where you will discover an ATM. It is fitting that you convey enough money from Manali or Simla and rely upon the ATM if all else fails. Additionally, the Fuel station at Kaza is operational just till 5 pm, so be exceptionally mindful about your vehicle’s fuel while you drive around.

  • There are two courses to achieve Kaza: One is Via Manali (201 km) and the other Via Simla (450 km)


The spots you should visit in Spiti thoroughly rely upon the nature and traverse of your agenda.

Here are some of the various spots that certainly are justified regardless of a visit. You absolutely can’t do everything without a moment’s delay, however you can gage and comprehend what you to do on your excursion and what places you need need to visit from the accompanying: Tabo Monastery, Key Monastery, Tangyud Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, Kungri Monastery, Kaza, Langza, Komic, Hikkim, Gue, Rohtang & Kunzum la Pass, Chandratal Lake, Dhankar Lake, Pin Valley, Himalayan Café, Sol Café, Taste Of Spiti and Tiger Den.


The best time to visit Spiti are the late spring periods of June – September when the temperatures are exquisite with no solidified streets.

Winter in Spiti is a cruel issue with the temperatures dropping to as low as – 30° Celsius. Additionally, the Manali – Kaza parkway is shut in winters. The course begins clearing up in the long stretches of May – June. As indicated by local people, the periods of June and August get the best temperatures, which is precisely when most travelers rush to the valley.

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