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Job Description for Backend Developer

  • Analyze different use-cases and come up with creative solutions.
  • Huge space (or opportunity, whatever you like) for ideas, innovation and development towards the next breakthrough in AI.
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript HTML5, and CS53
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Knowledge of SQL or NoSQL database system.
  • Proficient in HTTP protocol, REST APIs, JSON
  • Build highly scalable software platform on the world’s most secure cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Closely work with the product teams to define and document the product features.
  • Suggest process improvements and should strive to innovate constantly
  • Can independently plan tasks and estimate their completion

Job Description for Digital Marketing Manager

  • Analyze data and optimize campaigns across multiple distribution channels
  • Prior knowledge of Google Analytics, SEO, Web master is preferred
  • Ability to analyze campaigns, their budget and quickly act upon it to improvise it
  • Ability to create relevant content & creatives(for mailers, blogs & social media etc)
  • Conceptualize new marketing strategies, plan and act upon it
  • Execute all marketing plans as per available resources

Job Description for Business Developer(Sales)

  • Ability to take and drive decisions across Offline Demand, Supply, CX with the right balance
  • Data focused decision making, ability to use analytics for nuanced decision making
  • Fair understanding and skills to open unstructured demand channels
  • Negotiation and deal closing abilities
  • Ability to network with hotel owners, customers, corporates and open structured channels of demand, communicate and build strong and genuine relationships.
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking
  • Track market and competitor, and propose competition strategy
  • Liaise with internal teams (product, operations, marketing managers) for taking new biz initiatives/ pitches forward and closure

Job Description for Content Developer

  • Write travel article/ travel description of destination, things to do, travel plan etc.
  • Edit and proofread content once written.
  • You need to be creative and come up with interesting headline and content for travel Blogs that would be published on traveldglobe platform.
  • Write travel blogs/stories for traveldglobe
  • Ability to analyse existing content, measure it using Google Analystics & Web master is a plus
  • Strong background in web search and familiarity with various ways used for searching for information.
  • Good data analysis skills and great attention to detail.
  • Proficient in English. Exceptional verbal, writing, reading, and comprehension skills.
  • An understanding of keywords and meta tags – Ability to write web page titles, meta tag descriptions
  • Ability to make logical decisions while doing content audit, even when provided information is ambiguous.

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