Small Villages

Small Villages

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Small, Offbeat and Beautiful

What is the allure of these small villages with their meandering streets. It could be the small dhabas(Lunch shops), remote tea stalls, the hut shaped houses, everything you see, puts you into a different world. A place where people are free from worries, they do enjoy their lives by working hard for their livelihood. The hospitality of the villages at these hamlets is something you would enjoy the most. 

Places with few people, silence around the valleys and where Day & Night are not decided by watches, it all depends on the nature’s call. Though it is not always easy to reach those hamlets. Some of them are really remote and offbeat. They may not be open to travel throughout the year, yet you can find out the best time to go there, right here on

Unknown and endowed with raw beauty and unusual cultures, these quaint hamlets offer some much deserved peace and quiet with a whole lot of action. These small villages are the delight to every peace seeker and nature lover. These villages kept their culture intact, make yourself rich by visiting these destinations. 

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