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The Land of Saints

Maharashtra is the third largest state of India. There are many incredible things that puts Maharashtra in the top of every traveller’s list. The list is big with its mouth watering food, enchanting Western Ghats and the unforgettable Lavni Dance. The uniqueness of the culture is the speciality of Maharashtra.

Beauty in Diversity

The first to notice about Maharashtra is the diversity of the region. It is a conglomeration of various sub cultures that are different from each other, yet they follow the same legacy. The official language of Maharashtra is ‘Marathi’, it has different dialects in the different regions of Maharashtra. Maharashtra has 42 different sub cultures such as Konkan, Khandesh, Marathwada and others. 

Folk Dance of Maharashtra

The land of celebrations has so many dance forms that sets the tone for the festival celebration in Maharashtra. Few of the famous folk dances are Lavani, Powada and Koli. Most of the dances forms are originated from Pachim(West) Maharashtra. The most popular and energetic dance form is ‘Lavani’, which is known and acknowledged by the world.

History of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one the state that is named when talk about India history. The Varakari Tradition, is the major part of Hindu culture in India, which has been originated in Maharashtra in 13th Century. Varkaris worship “Pandapur” regarded as a form of Lord Krishna. The marathis have a great respect for the greatest Marathi King “Shivaji Maharaj”. You will see people shout the name as “Jai .. Shivaji!”. He is not only considered as a king of  Maharashtra, he is been worshipped as supreme human among the Marathis. 

Festival in Maharashtra

Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra is celebrated as equally as Dussehra or Diwali in other states. The festival is celebrated by all the Hindus and the contribution from the Bollywood in celebrating the festival is very significant that makes the celebration much more popular in the mainstream media. Other festivals celebrated in Maharashtra as Dahi handi on Janmashtami.

Bollywood Tamasha

The capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is the home to the India’a biggest cinema. Bollywood plays a important role in driving the culture and tourism in Maharashtra. Besides Bollywood, Tamasha is a traditional form of Marathi Theatre. It has a great line of shows that represents the culture and history of Mahrashtra.

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