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Hebbe Falls-The Water Retreat

#Waterfall in Chikmagalur

A cascading beauty not to miss in Chikmagalur is the Hebbe Falls. In the middle of coffee estates, the falls is surrounded by dense forests and lush greenery. The roaring falls create a small pond where you can take a bath.

You can pamper your senses with sound of the gushing waters, chirping of the birds and the aroma of coffee beans. You can take a trek amidst the tall trees with medicinal properties. The foot of the falls has watery creeks with dense vegetation. The monsoon season is the ideal time for nature lovers and fun seekers to take in the flora and fauna along with a dip in the herbal pond. The falls is the perfect retreat away from hectic schedules, providing a peaceful ambience. Be sure to luxuriate yourself in the fun and frolic of the exquisite falls.

How is the weather at Hebbe Falls

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