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Shankar Falls-A Scenic Beauty

#Waterfall in Chikmagalur

Situated in the midst of coffee plantations is the charming Shankar Falls. You can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with a beautiful landscape. The view of the white waters, splashing on the rocks makes it a must-see location, frequented by fun seekers and nature enthusiasts.

With thick trees and scattered rocks, you need to walk closer to enjoy the lovely view. The waterfall pours into a pond where you can entertain yourself with a leisure dip. Unwinding in this serene location with water creeks and dense forests will certainly refresh the mind and the body. It is the perfect retreat from the city for all the busy bees. Don’t miss out on the grandeur of the Shankar falls on a trip to Chikmagalur. The best time to visit will be during the monsoon when the waterfalls in full gush and also during the beginning of winter.

How is the weather at Shankar Falls

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