Ghoghla Beach

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Ghoghla Beach

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Ghoghla beach in Diu is one the best and most peaceful places in Diu. This beach is perfect for the people who rather prefer to stay aloof than being with the crowd. Ghoghla Beach is in the north of Diu. Beautiful restaurants and several water sports make this beach the perfect one in the town. This place is cleaner compared to other beaches in Diu as there are a lesser number of people who visit this beach.

Being located on the outskirts area of Diu, not so many people know about this beach creating an advantage for those who love to spend some private time away from the dissonance of the city and at the same time want to get occupied in some adventurous water sports like-Parasailing and surfing. It is the largest beach on the island of Diu and is most lovable place in Diu among foreigners because of its cleanliness. If you’re extremely lucky, you will be able to spot dolphins close to the shore.

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