All photos and gallery from  Guwahati

“Photos, Memories, Collage and Clicks”

Assam State Zoo – traveldglobe

Peacock Island, Guwahati – traveldglobe

Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati – traveldglobe

Assam State Museum – traveldglobe

Basistha Ashram – traveldglobe

Uma Nanda Temple – traveldglobe

Guwahati Planetarium – traveldglobe

ISKCON Temple, Guwahati – traveldglobe

Balaji Temple, Guwahati by Biplab Kumar Pal

sunset by Rhitamvar Ray

Migratory Pelican by Rhitamvar Ray

Bhramaputra Delta by

Rani bridge at picnic spot by himalayan beauty

Double storied Saraighat bridge over Brahmaputra river near Guwahati by Jayantakumar Das

Guwahati Railway Station by Vikramjit Kakati

PHOTO FROM RUNNING BUS, by sharmistha1

Kalakhetra,Guwahati by Jayantakumar Das

a temple for Bishnu aparently( but it is buddhist temple guess) by sharmistha1

Beautiful Park by

A Snowwhite pigeon in Kamakhya Temple Campus, Guwahati, Assam by Hemant Shesh

Guwahati- Bamboo rafts. Will be dismantled here and bamboo sold. by Romesh Bhattacharji


sukracharia temple .narayan by sharmistha1

View og Govornor`s House in extreme right by himalayan beauty

Busy market place,Fancy Bazar,Guwahati by Jayantakumar Das

IIT GUWAHATI by Vikramjit Kakati

North entrance to Saraighat bridge by DickVS

Spectacular Guwahati Planetarium (First Digital Hybrid type in India) by Jayantakumar Das

Photos Collection from Guwahati City

This is the hand picked collection of the best photos amd images of Guwahati. We collected this photos to show you the best views and places to visit at Guwahati. All the photos are at the ownership of respective photographers and all the photographers who clicked these photos gets a special thanks to give you the picture about the beauty of Guwahati. The travel d’globe gallery of Guwahati also include the pictures of hotels in Guwahati and other stay options in Guwahati. Get inspired by these beautiful photos and book the tours of Guwahati for adventure and leisure. The photos also include the places to visit at Guwahati:  

Assam State Zoo, 
Peacock Island, Guwahati, 
Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati, 
Assam State Museum, 
Basistha Ashram, 
Uma Nanda Temple, 
Guwahati Planetarium, 
ISKCON Temple, Guwahati, 
to create this beautiful collage/gallery of images.

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